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Good cash flow is key for the health of any business. But seasonal fluctuations in trade can mean you sometimes need a boost. This is where Dojo Advance can help.

Unlike a traditional bank loan, repayments are made as a fixed percentage of your daily card takings – so you don’t need to pay back the same agreed amount every month. It’s funding that ebbs and flows with your business.

You can also monitor and renew your Dojo Advance funding anytime through your online account, so you're always in the know – and in control.

How Dojo Advance works.


Apply online in minutes

Just provide a few details about your business and the amount of funding you’d like.


Receive your funds in days

If you're approved, you'll usually receive your funds within two business days.


Repay as you get paid

Payments will be made automatically as a fixed percentage of your card takings.

How you repay.

  1. Your customer pays by card
  2. Their payment is processed
  3. A daily fixed percentage goes towards repaying your Dojo Advance
  4. You receive the remaining amount

Calculate your
Dojo Advance.

Tell us your average monthly card revenue to find out how much funding you could be eligible for.

My average monthly card revenue is: £10,000

You could be advanced up to: £12,500

Fixed fee: £2,000 (16%)

Total repayable: £14,500

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"The good thing with card machine repayments is we don’t miss the money. It’s taken off before we get it in the bank."

Anthony, Valley Pet & Angling

Get started.

Applying online takes a few minutes, and because you’ll only be subject to a soft search, it won't affect your credit score.

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We've partnered with leading provider, YouLend, to offer Dojo Advance. It’s flexible funding, tailored to small and medium-sized businesses, with repayments made as an agreed percentage of your daily card takings. 

If you’d like to find out about Dojo Advance in a little more detail, visit our in-depth article.

Applying through YouLend is easy. Visit this page and sign up in just a few minutes.  

We'll only ask for your Merchant ID, along with your monthly card revenue and Dojo Advance amount.

You can access between £1,000 and £1,000,000, depending on your monthly card turnover. Once you’ve received your funds, you’ll make repayments as a fixed percentage of your daily card takings. So you’ll pay a little more on busier days, and a little less on quieter ones.

If you’re a small to medium-sized business that takes card payments with a Dojo card machine, Dojo Advance is a simple way to access funds without having to commit to one defined monthly repayment. The repayments ebb and flow with your card machine revenue, putting you in control. 

As with any product like this, it's important to consider that Dojo Advance is tailored to businesses that take card payments. If most of your payments are made in cash, this funding might not be appropriate.