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At Dojo, we believe accessing your hard-earned takings shouldn’t be hard work. That’s why we’re getting our customers paid faster than any other provider, as standard. From today, all Dojo customers will get their card takings transferred to their bank account at 10am the very next working day. And at no extra cost. 

Read on to find out how our customers have been at the forefront of this upgrade.

Get your funds faster than any other provider as standard

We know how important cash flow is. It’s the lifeblood of your small business. And with suppliers, rent and staff costs to pay, having easy access to your funds is essential to keep business running smoothly. 

When Dojo launched in October last year, we offered customers next working day transfers as standard. Any takings from a day’s trading are transferred to your bank account at 7pm the next working day.

Many other card payments providers keep businesses waiting on average three working days for their money, so we felt this was a big improvement. And for the vast majority of our customers, it was. 

But, over time, we kept seeing the same feedback cropping up, with a number of customers saying that receiving their transfers at 7pm the next working day simply wasn’t good enough.

So we listened to their feedback and got to understanding why. Here are some examples of what we were hearing: 

"My Direct Debits go out during the day so I need the money in my account before 7pm."

"My bank keeps charging me because the money isn’t there to cover my Direct Debits."

"Cash flow is a priority. The sooner I get the money in my account the better."

With the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic brings, it’s no surprise that cash flow has been a major concern for many small businesses. 59% of SMEs now have less than 3 months cash in reserve and 35% are already having day-to-day cash flow issues. That’s why we doubled down on our efforts to provide our customers with faster access to their funds. Because why should you be kept waiting for what’s yours?

From Friday 26th February 2021, we’re moving the transfer time for all Dojo customers from 7pm to 10am the next working day as standard. So when we promise you’ll get your money the next working day, we mean it. 

With Dojo, you’ll get your funds faster than any other provider, at no extra cost. That means cash flow freedom to pay staff, order supplies and keep your business ticking over. We’ll even notify you on the Dojo app to let you know when your funds are available. 

And we’re not done yet. We’re always looking for new ways we can help our customers get paid even faster. For us, it’s about giving you ultimate flexibility and control over your funds. And when it comes to deciding what we build next, feedback from our customers through reviews, surveys and customer service calls has a huge part to play. 

From cutting-edge card machines to intuitive business insights on your free Dojo app, we're providing solutions that go beyond just accepting card payments.

So don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. We’re here to listen.



Claim based on desk research of competitors websites for all providers with an estimated market share of more than 1%, as estimated by the Local Data Company. Conducted in February 2021.