Stay on top of your payments

Always on the move? With Dojo, you can manage your transactions and transfers from your business or remotely. From full breakdowns to instant notifications when we process your transfer, access it all in real-time.

And PCI compliance? Now it only takes a couple of minutes. No long questionnaires, no fuss.

Real-time transactions 

Every payment will automatically appear on your dashboard.

Transaction breakdowns

See the date, time and card type for each transaction.

Transfer notifications

Get an alert on your phone every time we process a transfer

Easy access to PCI compliance

Access 2 documents and 2 questions to help you report your PCI compliance.

View transactions in real time

Keep on top of transactions with Dojo. Every time you take a payment, it will automatically appear in your transaction list. You can filter by date ranges and download your list as a CSV file to share with your finance team or accountant. Keeping on top of the books? Simple.

Take a closer look at your takings

Need to dig a little deeper on a specific payment? Just tap the transaction to get a more detailed breakdown. From the date and time to the card type, all the details are there for you to review.

Keep track of your transfers

Browse through your transfer history and see any that are pending. Simply tap the transfer amount to view the status, transfer date and time, transaction date and location. And as soon as we process your transfer, you’ll get a notification to your phone. So you always know when we've sent your money.

Enjoy simplified PCI compliance processes

No more huge questionnaires. Enjoy simplified PCI compliance attestation with Dojo. Access 2 documents and 2 questions to help you report your PCI compliance.

Get the app now

Search ‘Dojo for business’ in the App Store or on Google Play. To log in to Dojo on your web browser, head to

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