Connect and conquer

Business is all about making the right connections. And integrated payments is too. It uses cloud-based software to seamlessly link your card machine to your electronic point of sale (EPOS) system – so it’s goodbye miskeying mistakes and hello to smoother, faster transactions.

And because the transaction amounts are securely passed between both devices, end-of-day reconciliations should always add up. So you can conquer queues – and save time at the end of the day.

Set up in minutes

Connecting your card machine and EPOS only takes a few minutes. We'll send you your integration details, and your EPOS provider will help you get set up either on-site or remotely. So you’ll be trading in no time.

Serve customers faster

With your card machine and EPOS system connected wirelessly in the cloud, there’s no need to enter the transaction amount twice. So, faster payments, happier customers and shorter queues all round.

Protect your profits

Just tap the amount into your EPOS, and the transaction is pushed directly to your card machine. And because you don’t have to enter the amount on both devices, you can save money on miskeying errors. See FAQs for more.

Cash up quicker

Cashing up at the end of each day takes minutes with integrated payments. Because the payment is pushed from one device to the other, cash and card takings will automatically add up – so you can free up to a third of your time cashing-up each day2.


Two modes.
Total flexibility.

Pay at Counter and Pay at Table modes offer ultimate flexibility – whether you take payments at the counter, the table, or both. So you can blitz through queues at the counter, or split the bill, or add gratuity at the table. It gives you the freedom to take payments on your terms.

Speak to your EPOS provider to find out how integrated payments can transform the way you trade.

Simplify your payments

Market-leading security

All our card machines come with point-to-point encryption. It’s market-leading security, so you won’t have to worry about breaches.

Automatic software updates

Integrated payments update automatically, so you’ll always get the latest features and improvements without any stress.

Scalable to your needs

You can connect as many card machines to as many EPOS systems as you like. It’s designed to fit into your business.

Uninterrupted payments

Switch to non-integrated mode in your settings if your EPOS system goes down. Then simply key in the transaction on your card machine.

No additional hardware

We’re partnered with leading EPOS providers, so there’s no need for any expensive additional hardware.

7-day tech support

We hope you’ll never need us. But if you do, our technical experts are here to help – 7 days a week, 8am to 11pm.

Integrated payments has made running the restaurant an absolute joy. We’re able to turn tables fast and cash up at the end of the day even faster. Our staff love it!

Valerie, The White Swan pub, UK

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