Get ready for something special. Dojo is evolving, and we're buzzing to share our sleek new look with you.

Why the new look?

Why the change, you ask? We wanted a look that mirrors our progress and ambition. And our new uppercase logo exudes confidence and clarity, setting the stage for exciting times ahead.

Hear from our designers

“We wanted a design that captures Dojo’s essence – bold, clear, and full of energy,” says our lead product designer. “The uppercase logo stands tall and strong, while the new colours and fonts bring a fresh, modern vibe.”

Expect to see these changes everywhere – from the Dojo for business app to our marketing materials and social media. We’re making sure every interaction you have with Dojo is seamless and engaging.

Sleeker, fresher, better

This refresh isn’t just about looks. It’s about creating a cohesive, intuitive experience. The new design elements are carefully chosen to boost readability and usability, ensuring our platform not only looks better but works better for you. Whether you’re managing transactions or exploring new features, the new Dojo is here to make your life easier.

Consistency and trust

We know how important trust is. That’s why, even as we update our look, some things remain unchanged. You’ll still get emails and calls from the same trusted addresses and numbers. Your security and satisfaction are always our top priorities.

Spotlight on Spain

Our rebrand coincides with an exciting milestone: introducing Dojo’s exciting payment solutions to Spain and sharing our products in new markets. The fresh new look of Dojo perfectly complements this exciting venture, highlighting our readiness to embrace new challenges and opportunities.

Looking ahead

By the end of this year, Dojo will have had a makeover.

Keep an eye out for our new colours, fonts, and photography. They’ll be popping up across our app, marketing materials, and social media. We’re excited for you to see the transformation and even more excited about what it represents: a bright, innovative future for Dojo and our customers.

Join us on this journey

Explore the new look and continue to grow with Dojo.