Introducing Pay by QR

Improve service with QR code payments. Customers can leave whenever they’re ready so you can turn more tables – available to Dojo Go customers.

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How do QR codes help hospitality businesses?

QR codes are designed to streamline service by reducing admin time and leaving staff free to focus on making every experience exceptional. With less waiting and more control over their payments, diners can leave happy - and you can boost revenue by turning tables faster.

Free up your staff

Cut down on customer wait time by letting diners pay or split the bill when ready.

Increase tips

Make it easier for staff to be rewarded for great service.

Get more Google reviews

Improve your online presence and use Smart Reviews to showcase the best of your service.

Increase efficiency and deliver seamless service with QR codes

Boost revenue through enhanced efficiency

Turn more tables and free up more time for excellent service with QR codes. Let customers pay and leave when they're ready.

Attract more customers

Increase your visibility online by adding Google reviews to your payment process. This makes it easier for customers to leave great reviews instantly – drawing in even more hungry diners.

Cash up with ease

Take the fuss out of end-of-day admin. Track your transactions by payment method and see your total takings in the Dojo app.

Streamline service with EPOS integration

Speed up service and reduce errors by keeping tabs on who’s paid and who you’re still waiting on. Plus, we partner with over 400 EPOS providers so you can keep your current setup.

Get paid the next day

Enjoy easy access to your takings the next day, so you can pay staff or restock your restaurant whenever you need to.

Download the app

Already a Dojo Go customer? Adding pay by QR to your payment methods is simple. Log into the Dojo for business app, select ‘tools’ from the menu, click ‘pay by QR’, then fill in the form to contact us.

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