I want to switch to Dojo, do you cover cancellation fees from my old provider?

Yes, if you choose to switch to us, we'll pay up to £3,000 towards your cancellation fees. Note: If you’re on our fixed rate price plan of 1.4% you could claim up to £500. If you have bespoke rates, you could claim up to £3,000.

What are card processing fees?

Your card processing fees are the money that you pay for each debit or credit card transaction. Your fees will be tailored to your business. Contact us for your personal quote.

How much does it cost to accept card payments?

The total price you pay for your Dojo services is made up of three components.

  1. Transaction fees and charges - the percentage you pay for each transaction plus the transaction fee. These vary based on the type of card used and how you took the payment.

Transaction fees

Secure transaction fee* - £0.05 per authorisation.

Refund Fee - £0.5 per transaction.

  1. Card machine services - this is the monthly price you pay for your Dojo card machine and card machine add-ons.
  2. Account services and extras - these are for services and optional extras that your business needs.

* referred to as Authorisation fee in Terms and Fees Schedule.

How are my rates calculated?

For each transaction, you'll pay a small percentage for card processing. These rates vary depending on the card type and how you processed the transaction, whether that's through your Dojo card machine or another payment method such as payment links or online checkout.

We'll work out the best rates to suit your business – contact us for your personal quote.

How long do transfers take?

We total your takings at midnight and the money will be in your bank account from 10am the next day.

How long does it take to set up my card machine?

You're set up and ready to take payments in less than five minutes.

How long does it take to receive my card machine?

We securely ship your Dojo card machine using next working-day delivery.

How long does it take to set up virtual queues & bookings?

You can be up and running in 20 minutes or less.

How do I sign up for Dojo's virtual queues & bookings?

If you're interested in managing your customer flow with Dojo, drop your details in our form and and move the toggle to highlight Queues & Bookings. We'll get in touch to discuss the right package for you.

What equipment do I need to start using a queues & booking system?

No extra equipment needed with Dojo! You can simply run our virtual queues & booking system from your laptop or tablet. 

Do I need to have queues to add virtual queues & bookings to my restaurant?

‍No, you don’t need to have a queue. You can use our integrated booking system to offer your customers an easy way to reserve a table. Or, you can use the system to add people to a virtual waitlist at the door – if you want to keep better track of your walk-in demand. And if it's extra demand you're after, we also give you exposure to over 500,000 users on our consumer-facing app. 

How much does the virtual queues & booking system cost?

Signing up for virtual queues & bookings is quick and easy – you can find a full breakdown of our pricing here.

Do I need virtual queues & bookings if I run a small restaurant?

Our virtual queues & bookings are by no means just for big, busy places. Choose between the option to accept reservations, open a virtual queue, or accept both at the same time. Our solution also helps you maximise your staff's efficiency – and it's easy to use, so you don't need a dedicated front-of-house to run it.

What card types can I accept with Dojo?

You can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and all cards on Discover® Global Network.

Can I accept contactless payments?

Yes, all our card machines accept contactless payments.

Can I accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay?

Yes, all our card machines arrive ready to accept these payment types.

How long is my contract?

The length of your contract depends on your annual turnover. We offer a monthly rolling contract for businesses earning £150,000+ per year. For businesses earning under £150,000 per year, our contracts are 6 months and then flip to monthly rolling. Switch to us from another provider and we could pay your cancellation fees up to £3,000.

Are my card machines secure?

Very. All Dojo card machines are PCI compliant thanks to point-to-point encryption.

What is point-to-point encryption?

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) protects account data from the point where a merchant accepts the payment card, to the secure point of decryption. As a result it simplifies PCI compliance significantly.

Am I PCI compliant?

Using the Dojo app, read through the P2PE Instruction Manual and Data Security Policy carefully – and make sure you understand all the details.

If you’re happy your business complies with everything that’s outlined, tap ‘Confirm compliance’ – then just tick both statements and you’ll be ready to start trading securely.*

*Note that, dependent upon your transaction volumes, you may need to perform additional steps as part of your PCI compliance. Please contact your Payments Consultant or Account Manager if you would like to discuss or require further information.

What level of support do I receive?

Remote assistance

If you need immediate card machine support, we can log in remotely to fix it.

Account support

For general queries, our team is on hand Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm.

Online support

Visit our help centre for all our most commonly asked questions, as well as articles, info and advice on all things payments.

Tech support

Our experts are here seven days a week for tech support – Monday to Sunday, 8am to 11pm.

How can I manage my account?

You can manage your account using the Dojo app or by logging in from your computer.