A payments platform for the experience economy

Empower your enterprise to improve customer experience, increase efficiency and drive growth with our robust, reliable and resilient payments platform.

Rely on 99.99% uptime

Use our resilient, modern technology with industry-leading uptime.

Integrate systems effortlessly

Configure your ideal solution with cloud-based EPOS integrations.

Enjoy easy reconciliation

Find transactions for all payment methods and locations in one place.

Save thousands on security

Enjoy simplified PCI compliance with secure data encryption.

Set your enterprise up for success

Rely on industry-leading 99.99% uptime

Engineered for extreme resilience, with huge operational redundancy and rapid product development, you can trust our robust, agile and modern technology stack for your enterprise's payments.

Integrate effortlessly in the cloud

Keep your current setup and work with your preferred supplier – with over 600 partners, you can choose what best suits your business. Our flexible, cloud-based system is easy to set up and install – and configure to scale up quickly. Plus, with no single point of failure, you can rely on our technology for uninterrupted payments, even if your EPOS goes down.

Reconcile easily across payment methods and locations

Make reconciliation a breeze with omnichannel payments, all in one place. View and manage transactions easily with all transaction and transfer data behind a single login. Plus, configure the app to suit your business needs.

Save thousands on security infrastructure

Enjoy simplified PCI compliance with secure data encryption on all Dojo devices. Dramatically reduce IT staff costs with leaner teams and eliminate costly network scans or penetration testing.

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Dojo Go

Take payments in seconds with our fastest and most versatile card machine. Enjoy on-the-move payments with wireless connectivity and switch to standalone mode if your EPOS goes down.

Dojo Pocket

Boost revenue and streamline service with our portable device for orders and payments in one. Connect with your EPOS system in the cloud, take orders on the move and accept payment, wherever.

Tap to Pay on iPhone

Accept in-person, contactless payments with an iPhone and the Dojo for business app – from debit and credit cards, to Apple Pay and other digital wallets. No extra hardware needed – at no extra cost.

Dojo Wired

Our new wired-in card machine for stationary countertop payments and kiosks lets you free up valuable counter space and reduce device damage. No charging, no staff – just intuitive, integrated payments.


An integrated payments success story

Discover how Dojo helped Lawsons level up business efficiency across 38 sites.

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Award-winning support for your staff and head office teams

You can receive top-tier support from a named account manager, focused on helping you grow your business and acting as a point of escalation[5]. For day-to-day queries, our UK-based support team is available 7 days a week via telephone, live webchat and email.

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[1] Research conducted and verified by Savanta, February 2023.
[2] Dojo customer survey conducted in June 2022, based on responses from 386 customers
[3] Mystery calls to competitors conducted by Dojo in July 2023
[4] Source: Featurespace ARIC Risk Hub performance data, 12 month period and >;100m transactions
[5] Dedicated, named account managers are assigned to customers with annual card turnover (CTO) of at least £5m.