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What are the different types of card machines for business?

Portable card machines

Take wireless card payments with a portable card machine – or portable PDQ machine. Connecting to your Wi-Fi network, this card reader is ideal for small businesses, such as restaurants, bars, hair and beauty salons and garages, that need to process card transactions quickly and securely from multiple locations. 

From serving tables, to attending clients in salon chairs, or taking payment from motorists at their vehicles – accept payments from any part of your premises with a portable card terminal.

Mobile card machines

Take payments on the move with a mobile card machine – a wireless, handheld device with Wi-Fi and 4G mobile connectivity. Switch seamlessly from Wi-Fi to 4G to accept payments, wherever – even if your network goes down or in Wi-Fi blackspots. 

Mobile card machines are perfect for hospitality and personal service businesses that need to take payments from different locations. A mobile card machine can be the right device for restaurants, cafes and bars, or hair salons and tattoo studios – or even small businesses, like market traders, that take payments on the road.

Increase efficiency and revenue with integrated Pay at Table technology. Cloud-based integration with EPOS systems lets you accept payment at diners’ tables, in beer gardens or on roof terraces – and turn more tables.

Countertop card machines

Totally wired in, a countertop card machine is a card payment device for tillside transactions. Connected via an ethernet connection, a countertop card machine lets you take rapid card payments using chip and PIN, contactless, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Tethered to your till, a countertop card machine is an ideal solution for retailers or small business owners who accept payments exclusively from a single location.

Why is a contactless card machine important?

Take payments quickly and efficiently with contactless card machine transactions. No more punching in PINs means speedier transactions, shorter queues at checkout – and happier customers. Plus, with speedy contactless payments, you can serve more customers and increase revenue. So, say goodbye to handling cash and human errors and say hello to hassle-free, end-of-day reconciliation.

How to choose the right card machine for your business

Your business is unique, so it’s important to choose the right device to suit your needs. Learn more about the different types of card machines in our in-depth guide. Make sure you consider these five key factors when choosing a card machine to take payments:


Take fast, secure payments from any location

Fast, reliable, secure – and easy to use – Dojo Go is the perfect mobile card machine for businesses that need to take rapid card payments, anywhere.

  • Take payments on the go with Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity

  • Connect to your EPOS system in the cloud with over 400 integrations

  • Serve more customers with a 10-hour battery life

  • Enjoy secure transactions with point-to-point encryption

Enjoy award-winning customer support

Our friendly, UK-based support team is on hand to help, 7 days a week. Most issues can be fixed remotely, so you can enjoy an uninterrupted cash flow.

Sync your payments

Dojo Go integrates with over 400 major EPOS systems – so you can increase efficiency, serve more customers and reduce reconciliation errors.

Access insights with just a few taps

See your transactions, simplify PCI and get transfer notifications all on the Dojo for business app.

Our pricing

Below £150k

in annual card turnover

For businesses that either take under £150k in annual card turnover or are new to card payments.

  • Contract: 12 months (then rolling per month)
  • Platform fee:  From £10 monthly per location
    Access to our cloud-native payments platform
+ 5p
The secure transaction fee helps you become compliant in minutes, protects customer data & fights fraud 24/7.
Credit & debit rate
Monthly terminal fee

Above £150k

in annual card turnover

For businesses that take over £1m in annual card turnover, contract length may be subject to discussions with your key contact.

  • Contract: 12 months (then rolling per month)
Credit & debit rates, monthly platform fee, and a monthly terminal fee

Pricing details

Charges for customers with a card turnover under £150k per year

These apply immediately to customers who sign the Dojo agreement for payment services on or after 26 March 2024.

Debit & Credit cards (per transaction)

Visa 1.4% + 5p
Maestro 1.4% + 5p
Mastercard 1.4% + 5p
American Express Variable% + 5p
All other debit & credit cards 1.4% + 5p
Card not present - debit & credit cards 1.9% + 5p

American Express 
Due to the American Express transaction fee structure, we’ll need to know more about your business before we can give you a rate. Once you apply, we’ll be able to give you an indication of the rate during sign up.

Card not present payments 
Card not present are payments taken when the cardholder isn’t physically present to pay directly on the card machine. This can be paying over the phone or online.

Business cards

Visa 1.99% + 5p
Maestro 1.99% + 5p
Mastercard 1.99% + 5p
All other business cards 1.99% + 5p
Card not present - business cards 2.49% + 5p

Card not present payments 
Card not present are payments taken when the cardholder isn’t physically present to pay directly on the card machine. This can be paying over the phone or online.

Offer even more ways to pay

Your payment requirements can change, so a one-size-fits-all solution isn’t necessarily right for your business. Need an alternative payment method for off-site work or when your card machine is in use? With Dojo flexible payments, we’ve got you covered.
Sign up for at least one Dojo Go and you can access these payment methods.

Tap to Pay on iPhone

Accept in-person, contactless payments with an iPhone and the Dojo for business app – from debit and credit cards, to Apple Pay and other digital wallets. No extra hardware needed.

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Online checkout

Start selling online and increase your revenue. Easily integrate the Dojo online checkout with your existing website and keep your cash-flow coming.

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Payment links

Offer customers another way to pay with Dojo payment links – they’re a quick, simple and secure way to accept payments from your customers wherever they are. Just share a unique link – it’s that easy.

Learn more

Remote payments

Take payments when you’re away from your card machine or over the phone if the cardholder isn’t present with the virtual terminal. Quick to set up and secure, simply log in to your payment processor account and you can start taking remote payments instantly.

Explore Dojo success stories

Read our case studies and find out how Dojo card machines and payment solutions can help businesses with flexible payments.

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What information do we need to set you up with a card machine?

It’s easier than ever to access a card machine. Discover the typical requirements for getting set up to take payments with Dojo card machines.

Business registration

To get a card machine for business, you need to be registered as a sole trader, company, partnership, charity or organisation.

Merchant account

To accept credit and debit card payments with a card reader, you need a merchant account for your small business. When you sign up for any Dojo card machine, we'll provide this for free. Check out our guide to merchant accounts to find out more.

Wi-Fi connection

You just need a secure Wi-Fi connection to set up your card machine. Once it’s all set up, you can use Wi-Fi or 4G to take payments.

How the Dojo sign-up process works

Follow these steps and you could be taking payments with a Dojo card machine just 3 days after applying.

Get a quote for a Dojo card machine – just submit your details to get started.

A member of our sales team will be in touch as soon as possible – no longer than 1 working day – to check your information.

You’ll then need to provide proof of ID and proof of banking. You could also be asked to provide further documentationdepending on your business.

If your application is approved, we’ll ship your Dojo card machine using next working-day delivery. You can receive it in as little as 24 hours after approval.

Set up your card machine using a secure Wi-Fi connection. Once it’s set up, you can use Wi-Fi or 4G to take payments. Just follow these steps to get started.

Start accepting payments with Dojo

Types and sizes of business Dojo card machines cater to

Dojo caters for all types of small, medium and enterprise businesses including those in personal services, hospitality and retail industries.  Discover how you can accept card payments more effectively with Dojo card machines.

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Enjoy award-winning customer service

We’re here to support the smooth running of your business - so if you need help, we’re always just a phone call or a few clicks away.

24-hour tech support

Our support team is here to help around the clock, 7 days a week.

Remote assistance

Can’t get things fixed over the phone? We’ll log in remotely and take a look.

Account support

Call our account support helpline and speak to a real person from Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm.

Online support

Our help centre is full of handy resources, FAQs and advice.

Switching to Dojo from another provider?

You could get your current provider’s exit fees paid up to £3,000 if you make the switch to us – that’s how confident we are that you’ll love Dojo.

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*In an independent research study with Savanta 2023 on the Dojo Go card machine.