Is your business ready for revolutionary card payments? Dojo’s superfast sleek touchscreen card machines are not only PCI secure, simple to use and mobile and Wi-Fi enabled – but best of all, they get you paid at 10am the next working day – emboldening you with cash flow confidence. 

So whether you need a fully flexible mobile card machine to accept payments around your premises – or if you need a fixed till side countertop card machine – we’ve got solutions to match your business needs.

Read our full guide to find out more about our full range of card machines, pricing and the benefits of signing up with Dojo today.


Types of card machine.

Not all businesses are the same. So, at Dojo, we offer different types of card machines designed for different business models. 

They’re flexible, robust and work hard to get you paid – whether that’s with mobile connection on the road, at the countertop, or using Wi-Fi in your pub garden.

Portable card machines.

Portable card machines, also known as portable PDQ machines are becoming increasingly popular for small business owners as they’re agile to their different day-to-day needs and prioritise the customer experience. But what exactly are they, and how do they support the running of a fast-paced business?

Put simply, portable card terminals are entirely wireless card machines that use Wi-Fi to process card transactions quickly and securely. They’re easy to set up with minimum hardware, or clutter – ideal for clean minimal businesses that want payments to match.  

Just charge up your battery, connect the machine to your business’ Wi-Fi network (like you would your mobile phone) and enter the unique activation code we send to you. Then you’re ready to start accepting payments – it’s that simple. 

And because they use Wi-Fi rather than a traditional telephone or Ethernet connection, they’re completely portable, as the name suggests. That means that they’re free to roam around your restaurant, bar, cafe, or hair salon with you at any time. 

No more asking customers to move to the till for payments, which means no more chaotic queues. When customers are ready to pay, grab the Dojo Go and take it straight to them to tap and go. 

Which businesses use portable card machines? 

As technology has advanced, so have our card machines. Instead of being tied to one place, Wi-Fi enabled card readers give businesses and their customers the choice – payments without limitations. 

As long as you have access to a stable Wi-Fi connection and your lightweight, sleek card machine, you can take payments from:

  • Diners at tables in your restaurant or cafe
  • Clients in your hair or beauty salon chair
  • Punters on your pub terrace 
  • City-slickers sipping bar side 
  • Motorists in your MOT garage 

But they’re not limited to that; they’re as versatile as your business. Whatever your niche is, they’ll get you paid fast.

They’re also great for accessibility, as they’re not tied to a countertop where wheelchair users may not be able to use them. 


Mobile card machines. 

Need to take payments on the move? Mobile card machines are for you. As well as having Wi-Fi functionality, they have an activated SIM card with 3G/4G mobile connectivity. That means an unstable internet line never restricts you. 

So if you’re a mobile hairdresser, you fix faulty boilers on the move, or you’re selling artisanal coffee on a farmers market, don’t rely on cash. Level up with your mobile card reader for fewer ATM trips and more happy customers.

How do mobile card machines work?

The Dojo Go uses dual connectivity to process card payments from your customers. That means you’ve got two ways to get paid. 

So if you’re in your retail store, restaurant or cafe and your Wi-Fi network is strong, you can connect to that. But if you’re out on the road accepting card payments from doorsteps or at pop-up events, switch to mobile mode, and your card machine will connect to either 3G/4G.

Which businesses use mobile card machines?

Mobile card machines are the perfect match for businesses that take payments to their customers – restaurants, cafes, bars, beauty salon owners; you name it. 

They’re perfect for the hospitality industry as waiting staff can settle tables quickly and efficiently with integrated Pay at Table technology. It's our cloud-based software that links your till to your card machine. 

And when you’re taking payments from the roof terrace, a beer garden or pulling pints on a boat, you’ll always have a reliable connection. 

But whether you’re on the move or not, mobile card readers provide all business owners with the peace of mind they need to take payments when their Wi-Fi fails them. 

So if you have an internet outage, or your Wi-Fi doesn’t quite reach a particular part of your building, you can switch modes and continue to use your card machine, as usual, no problem. 

Mobile card machines are an invaluable and trusty business tool. Even if your power went out, so long as your machine had some battery power left, you could keep accepting card payments with the Dojo Go.

How much does going mobile cost?

Switching from Wi-Fi to 3G/4G is completely free for all Dojo customers. If you're out and about without any Wi-Fi your card machine will automatically connect to mobile connectivity. But you can also turn off Wi-Fi on your device settings too.

Countertop card machines. 

The Dojo One is our countertop card machine for retailers that only need till side transactions. It’s tethered to your till with Ethernet connectivity for fast contactless, Apple, Google and credit and debit card transactions. It’s also got a built-in thermal printer for fast and reliable customer and merchant receipts. 


Touchscreen card machines for future-facing businesses. 

  • Dojogo
  • Dojoone
Mobile Portable Desktop
  • Bullet Small
    Mobile Connectivity
  • Bullet Small
    Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Bullet Small
    Built-in thermal printer
  • Bullet Small
    5-inch HD touchscreen
  • Bullet Small
    10-hour battery life
  • Bullet Small
    Integrated payments enabled
  • Bullet Small
    Point-to-point encryption


Delivery: Free delivery – next working day

  • Contactless
  • Applepay
  • Googlepay
  • Samsungpay
  • Bullet Small
    Ethernet connectivity
  • Bullet Small
    Built-in thermal printer
  • Bullet Small
    4-inch HD touch screen
  • Bullet Small
    Integrated payments enabled
  • Bullet Small
    Point-to-point encryption
  • Contactless
  • Applepay
  • Googlepay
  • Samsungpay

The Dojo Go. 

Meet the Dojo Go. It’s our portable and mobile-enabled card machine with a 5-inch touchscreen. With its sleek, lightweight design and 10-hour battery life – it’s the perfect business partner. 

Wi-Fi enabled 

Connect to your Wi-Fi connection for smooth, portable payments. 

3G/4G SIM card connectivity 

Switch to free 3G/4G mobile connectivity if you’re on the road or if your Wi-Fi drops out. You’ll never miss a payment again. 

Lightweight but durable 

The Dojo Go is a sleek, lightweight terminal, easy to carry around but durable enough to last.

Intuitive interface

Card payments and refunds are fuss-free with easy-to-use interfaces and intuitive technology.   

Sleek 5-inch touchscreen

A smooth touchscreen interface with an easy-to-clean glass surface. 

Built-in thermal printer 

Print receipts for you and your customers easily with the integrated printer. 

Contactless and Apple and Google Pay enabled 

Stay up to date with customer preferences by accepting digital wallet payments from the get-go.  

Equipped with the best security on the market 

All Dojo card machines use point-to-point encryption – the world’s best payment security. It makes PCI compliance a breeze and gives you peace of mind.


The Dojo One. 

The Dojo One is our solid countertop card machine. It’s reliable and makes till side payments a doddle. Easily integrated with your EPOS with Pay at Counter technology, you’ll cut down on costly human error and long winding queues. 

Ethernet connectivity 

Use your Ethernet cable to connect to your internet connection for superfast payments.

Sleek 4-inch screen 

Process contactless and Apple/Google Pay as well as refunds quickly and easily with an easy-to-use interface.

Built-in thermal printer 

Print receipts for you and your customers easily with the integrated printer. 

Equipped with the best security on the market 

All Dojo card machines use point-to-point encryption – the world’s best payment security. It makes PCI compliance a breeze and gives you peace of mind.  


Card machine costs.

The Dojo Go, our completely portable touchscreen card machine, is just £20 per month. This includes free access to the Dojo dashboard, where you can access real-time transaction data and filter by transaction type, date and time for all of your accounting needs. 

We also transform your Dojo Go from portable to completely mobile with free 3G/4G mobile connectivity. So you’ll never have to worry about dodgy Wi-FI again. 

The Dojo One is our countertop card machine and is available for just £15 per month.  

We don’t charge any setup fees and will have your card machines set up within three days.

Card transaction fees

No independent business is the same and so why should their card rates be? We’ll sign you up for the best solution for your business, with a bespoke quote based on your annual card turnover, among other factors. 

Once you’re signed up, you can accept all major credit cards, including American Express and the Discover Global Network, which includes Discover, Diners Club.

Choosing the right card machine for your business. 

Not all businesses will operate the same. Taxis need card payments in their automobiles; dentists need payments in their reception, plumbers need a portable machine for whenever and wherever the next emergency takes them. 

But one thing will remain constant – the ability to take secure, fast and reliable payments that don’t mess with your cash flow. 

So whether you only need countertop payments till side, or if you need a mobile card reader that’s tied to your hip, when you accept credit and debit card payments with Dojo, you’ll never have to worry about stalled transfers or lengthy contracts. 

For more information about choosing the right card machine for your business, visit our in-depth guide. New to card payments altogether? Find out more about opening a merchant account with Dojo.

All portable, mobile and portable card readers come with the following as standard: 

10am next working day transfers 

We pay our customers faster than any other provider, as standard – so don’t wait for what’s yours.

No long-term contracts 

Switch to us from another provider, and you’ll enjoy the freedom of a monthly rolling contract. 

Superfast card payments

Serve your customers 80% faster than the industry standard with the Dojo Go credit card terminal. 

Instant insights 

Use the Dojo Dashboard on mobile or desktop to see all of your card transactions in real-time 

Remote assistance 

Get urgent technical support with remote access. We’ll log into your machine and fix it there and then.


Accepting Apple & Google contactless payments. 

All our credit and debit card machines arrive ready to accept all major credit and debit cards, including American Express and the Discover Global Network

And contactless is already enabled from the get-go, so if a transaction is less than £45 at present, customers can tap and go in seconds. Customers can also pay for higher-value transactions using their digital wallets – Apple, Google and Samsung Pay. This is because they use biometrics as a method of high-security.


Why do I need a contactless card machine? 

Contactless payments are rapidly accelerating globally – even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, 35% of all credit and debit card transactions were made using contactless technology. This figure has accelerated at a rapid pace since the push for card-only payments across 2020-21. 

And the contactless transaction limit is set to increase to £100 to make shoppers and merchants' lives easier. You can find out more about this change and how it can benefit you as a small business owner on our blog post.

Will my card machine contactless limit increase automatically? 

When new industry changes happen, like an increase in transaction limits, we’ll automatically update your card machine for you. So you’re always at the forefront of the latest technological and industry changes, and you’ll never miss a beat.


The benefits of connecting your EPOS to your card machine.

Dojo offers integrated payments – a cloud-based solution that connects your till and your card machine. It provides two different modes that you can switch between – Pay at Table and Pay at Counter. 

This means that you can process payments away from the counter without needing to key-in anything twice. And that means that when it comes to end-of-day reporting, everything will add up nicely. No more tedious reconciliations or dodgy maths.

Which business types use integrated payments?

Restaurants, bars, cafes and any hospitality owner that want to serve customers quicker at their table.

Pay at Table technology allows customers to settle their bill at the table without leaving the comfort of their seat. Waiting staff can set split bill options and add on gratuity too. 

Pay at Counter is for any business that wants to take tillside payments in half the time. When you enter the amount into your till, it automatically pushes to the card machine, so no more double-keying, leaving less room for human error and saving time.

Does my portable card machine need to be next to my EPOS to work? 

If you’re a retailer that uses a POS or EPOS, you may be used to having your card machine sat next to your till, so you can key-in the transaction amount manually. But what happens with portable card machines? 

With Dojo’s integrated card payments, you’re free to take payments away from your till without having to pace back and forth. Your till and card machine are already in sync, so you can settle tables in your restaurant, bar or cafe without being near the EPOS.


Switching to Dojo from another provider? 

We’re so confident that you’ll love Dojo; we could pay your current provider’s exit fees up to £3,000 if you make the switch to us.


Customer service that has your back. 

We’re more than just your card machine provider. We’re with you to support the smooth running of your business – that means we’re always a phone call or click away if you need some help. Here’s what we offer as standard with any contract:

24-hour tech support 

To fix your glitch around the clock, no matter how big or small. 

Remote assistance 

Can’t get things fixed over the phone? We’ll log in remotely and take a look.

Account support

Need to add on a new card machine? Want to know your banking window? Call our account support helpline; we’re on hand Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm. 

Online support

Our help centre is full of handy resources, FAQs and advice. Check it out if you’re unsure where to start.


What do you get when you sign up with Dojo?

We understand that small business owners are busy. There’s not enough time to be chasing up payments or trying to figure out complex solutions – there are pints to pull, hair to cut, nails to paint, dinner to serve. The list goes on. 

So we’re trying to take the pain out of payments – from start to finish. That’s why our signup process is simple, and we’ll guide you through each step of the way. When you sign up for a merchant account and card machine with Dojo we’ll have you set up and taking cards within three days. 

When you’re taking payments, we’ll transfer your takings into your account at 10am the next working day, faster than any other payments provider as standard. We won’t keep hold of your income longer than we have to, so you’re free to pay staff, suppliers and plan for the future. 

And what about PCI compliance? Well, that’s taken care of with card machines with the world’s best card payment security – point-to-point encryption. 

It not only protects your income and your customers’ card data but it makes PCI compliance stress-free. You can become compliant with the Dojo dashboard in minutes – just read through the documents and answer two short questions. 

When you sign up for any Dojo card machine you’ll get free access to the Dojo dashboard. It gives you real-time updates on all of your card transactions. You can filter and export your data as a CSV file, for all your accounting needs. 


Frequently asked questions about Dojo card machines. 

When you sign up with Dojo, we’ll transfer your card takings into your account at 10am the next working day.

You can accept all major credit and debit cards (Mastercard and Visa) as well as American Express and the Discover Global Network if you choose to.

PCI compliance is short for PCI DSS, an acronym for the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. They regulate a set of security standards designed to ensure that businesses who process, store or transmit credit and debit card information do so in a secure way. Find out more about why it’s essential for small businesses in our guide to PCI.

Restaurants need flexible card machines to pay customers at the table, roof terrace or the bar. The Dojo Go is a fully portable and mobile card machine with dual connectivity. It uses both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G to get you paid securely and efficiently.

All Dojo card machines use point-to-point encryption (P2PE) – the world’s best payment security. This means that your customers’ cardholder data is protected, and so is your hard-earned income.

Apple Pay is a contactless payment technology for all Apple devices. It’s also known as a digital wallet. Customers store their card details on their device, which they can then scan over your card machine to pay for goods and services. It uses biometric technology to prevent fraud so that users can pay for items above the contactless card limit of £45.

Portable card machines use your Wi-Fi connection to process payments, which means that they work well for payments in and around your business premises. If you need to take payments outdoors or away from your Wi-Fi, switch 3G/4G mobile connectivity for free and become fully mobile. 

We pride ourselves on our customer service so if there's ever a glitch you can count on us to fix it. When you sign up for a Dojo card machine you'll receive account support from Monday to Sunday 8am to 6pm. And our tech experts are on hand seven days a week 8am to 11pm.