Card machines that work for you.

We understand that you need to be flexible when running a business. And the way you take payments must be too. That’s why our card payment machines are designed to adapt to your specific needs. 

So whether you’re taking payments at the till, flitting around a busy brasserie, serving G&Ts on a roof-terrace or even filing nails in festival tents, our credit and debit card machines will work with you.

Why take card payments?

At one point, paying by card was a luxury that was reserved for certain industries. Today that’s not the case, paying by card has become the accepted norm and we’re seeing cash payments decline year on year. 

In fact, in 2019, debit cards overtook cash as the most frequently-used payment method in the UK. By 2028, it’s expected that the debit card payment volume will reach 22.3 billion and the percentage of cash payments will decrease massively, dropping to just 9% of all transactions.  

So, if you’re a small business owner, now is the perfect time to start accepting contactless card payments with Dojo. Our chip and PIN card machines also accept Apple and Google Pay, so customers can pay with the tap of their watch or phone for speedy transactions.

Choosing your credit & debit card machine.

Staying put, out and about or bouncing around a restaurant, our card machines can suit the demands of all sorts of businesses. 

They’re the perfect balance between sleek and sturdy. So while they look great on your countertop with the option of 5” HD touch screens, they’re built to last, too. 

All Dojo card readers accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express, plus Google, Apple and Samsung Pay.

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Mobile Portable Desktop

Dojo Go is the ultimate all-rounder. Secure, fast and simple to use, it’s perfect for businesses that need the flexibility to take payments anywhere.

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    3G/4G connectivity (additional cost)

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    Wi-Fi connectivity

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    Built-in thermal printer

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    5-inch HD touchscreen

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    10-hour battery life

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    Integrated payments enabled

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    Point-to-point encryption

£20/ month

  • Contactless
  • Apple Pay
  • G Pay Colour
  • Samsung Pay

Robust, reliable, capable. The Dojo One sits on your countertop and takes everything in its stride. It makes payments at the till simpler than ever.

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    Ethernet connectivity

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    Built-in thermal printer

  • Bullet

    4-inch HD touch screen

  • Bullet

    Integrated payments enabled

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    Point-to-point encryption

£15/ month

  • Contactless
  • Apple Pay
  • G Pay Colour
  • Samsung Pay

Types of card machine.

Dojo Go is an all-rounder, designed to take card payments on the move. It’s mobile and able to connect to Wi-Fi, so your customers get a reliable service no matter where you are on the map.   

Dojo One is a robust and reliable card machine perfect for retailers and salons to take at-the-till payments. You’ll never worry about connectivity, when you’re tethered to your countertop via your Ethernet cable.

We've got card machines to suit every business need. Find out which one suits you below.


Dojo One is a robust and reliable countertop card machine perfect for retailers and salons to take at-the-till payments. You’ll never worry about connectivity when you’re tethered to your countertop via your Ethernet cable.


From the beer garden to the roof terrace, minimise queues and let your customers pay from the comfort of their seats with Dojo Go. It's a fully portable card machine, that uses your Wi-Fi connection.


Serving coffee off the grid? Hitting the road to fix a faulty boiler? 

Your card machine comes with an activated SIM card with 3G/4G for an extra £5 per.

So when your Wi-Fi is out of range, simply switch to mobile connectivity and you'll be able to take payments at ease – from your beer garden, roof terrace, or wherever your business takes you.

Find out more about mobile card readers.

What's the difference between a card machine and a PDQ machine? 

Nothing. A PDQ machine, credit card terminal or card reader are all just different names for the same thing – a way to accept cards from your customers face-to-face. 

It's the exact same industry-leading technology in each and they function the same, regardless of what you like to call them.

Your exit fees are on us.

If you're already with another provider, we could pay your exit fees up to £3,000 to help you make the switch to us.

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Apple Pay & Google Pay contactless payments. 

Technology is accelerating, and the way we pay is becoming more advanced and convenient for our modern everyday lives. 

We’ve all been there. In a rush to leave and grabbed our phone but left our keys or wallet? Well with Apple or Google Pay technology, smartphone owners store their card details digitally in their ‘wallet’ allowing them to tap their phone or watch to pay for items under £45.

On average, 79% of over 18 year-olds owned a smartphone in 2019. If you’re catering for a younger generation, don’t miss out on mobile digital payments. All Dojo card machines can accept Apple and Google pay contactless from the get go. 

Card payment security.

You’ll have enough to worry about as a business owner, but secure payments shouldn’t keep you awake at night. Accepting card payments should always be secure– which is why all of our card machines come with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) as standard. 

P2PE is a form of encryption that protects your customer’s confidential card data. The card data is unreadable, until it reaches a secure point of decryption. This means that if the data were to ever get intercepted by a third party, no sensitive data should be exposed, making it useless for scammers.  

Heard of PCI compliance? It can be a faff, but we’re on hand to make it pain-free for you, and your card machines risk-free for customers. As your Dojo small business card machine is point-to-point encrypted, you’ve already ticked one thing off your list.


I want to switch to Dojo, do you cover cancellation fees from my old provider?

Yes, if you choose to switch to us, we'll pay up to £3,000 towards your cancellation fees.

What are card processing fees?

Your card processing fees are the money that you pay for each debit or credit card transaction. Your fees will be tailored to your business. Contact us for your personal quote

How much does it cost to accept card payments?

The total price you pay for your Dojo services is made up of three components.
1. Transaction fees and charges - the percentage you pay for each transaction. These vary based on the type of card used and how you took the payment.
2. Card machine services – this is the monthly price you pay for your card machine and card machine add-ons.
3. Account services and add-ons – these are for services and optional extras that your business needs.

How are my rates calculated?

For each transaction, you'll pay a small percentage for card processing. These rates vary depending on the card type and how you processed the transaction.
We'll work out the best rates to suit your business – contact us for your personal quote.

How long do transfers take?

We transfer your takings to your bank account the next working day.

How long does it take to set up my card machine?

You're setup and ready to take payments in less than five minutes.

How long does it take to receive my card machine?

We securely ship your card machine using next working-day delivery.

What card types can I accept with Dojo?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express.

Can I accept contactless payments?

Yes, all our card machines accept contactless payments. 

Can I accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay?

Yes, all our card machines arrive ready to accept these payment types.


How long is my contract?

The length of your contract depends on whether you're switching to us from another provider, or new to taking cards. For switchers we offer a monthly rolling contract. For businesses new to card payments, our contracts are 6 months.

Are my card machines secure?

Very. All Dojo card machines are PCI compliant thanks to point-to-point encryption security.

What is point-to-point encryption?

Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) protects account data from the point where a merchant accepts the payment card, to the secure point of decryption. As a result, PCI compliance is quick and hassle-free.

Am I PCI compliant?

Once you’ve read the simple PCI documents and confirmed two questions, you’ll be compliant. So no more lengthy questionnaires.

What level of support do I receive?

Remote assistance

If you need immediate card machine support, we can log in remotely to fix it.

Account support
For general queries, our friendly team is on hand Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm – and on Saturdays, 9am to 1pm.

Online support
Visit our help centre for all our most commonly asked questions, as well as articles, info and advice on all things payments.

Tech support
Our experts are here seven days a week for tech support – Monday to Saturday, 8am to 11pm, and Sundays, 10am to 5pm.

How can I manage my account?

You can manage your account using the Dojo app or by logging in from your computer.