Payments made easy.

Not all businesses are the same, and one-size doesn’t always fit all. We understand that small independent businesses have to be flexible and dynamic, and they often face challenges that bigger companies don’t. 

But that doesn’t mean they can’t, and shouldn't, have the best card machines or payment solutions. 

We’re proud to work alongside small and medium independent business owners to help them support their customers – as well help them get paid on time with Dojo card machines. We want cash flow problems to be a thing of the past. That’s why when you sign up for a Dojo card machine for your small business you’ll receive:

Choosing the right small business card machine.

Tethered to the till, free to roam the room, or out on the road, we’ve got card machines to suit every small business. With Dojo, you can accept all major cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express – plus, Google and Apple Pay.

Countertop card machines.

Dojo One is robust, reliable and tethered to your countertop. 

Simply connect via Ethernet to your network, for a stable and trusty connection, so you can keep queues under control and serve customers in a flash. 

Portable card machines.

Dojo Go is designed to take card payments on the move. Once it's charged you can use it completely wireless by connecting to Wi-Fi – so your customers get a reliable service.   

Go mobile with free mobile connectivity. 

Serving coffee off the grid? Hitting the road to fix a faulty boiler? Don't rely on Wi-Fi to take payments fast and efficiently. 

Your Dojo Go comes with an activated SIM card for dual connectivity. So if you're taking payments outdoors and your Wi-Fi is out of range, simply switch to mobile and you're ready to take payments, from wherever your business takes you. 

Dojo Go

What is the difference between a mobile and portable card machine?

In terms of the card machine itself, there is no difference. You’ll use your Dojo Go for portable and mobile payments

Portable payments allow you to go wireless by connecting your card machine to Wi-Fi. This means that you’re free to take your machine to your customers, which is why they’re perfect for the hospitality industry, as well as hairdressers or beauticians.

Mobile payments let you go one step further. They enable the SIM connectivity feature in your machine so you can use mobile data such as 3G and 4G so you don’t need to rely on a stable Wi-Fi connection to take payments from customers. 

This means you can serve coffee from a field, sell burritos from your market stall at a festival or take payment in the back of your taxi.

By enabling more than one type of connectivity, you’ll never have to worry about your Wi-Fi cutting out mid-sale. Great for you, and your customers.

Why is accepting contactless great for small businesses?

At the end of 2018 there were 7.4 billion contactless payments in the UK, with a huge 84% of debit cards having contactless functionality. This figure is only set to increase across the coming years, as in 2021 the majority of all card machines issued could accept contactless. 

Contactless transactions can be made when a user wants to purchase something for £45 or under. They can simply hold their card close to the card reader without entering their PIN into the reader.  

If your customers have Apple Pay or Google Pay activated, they can tap their smartphone or watch to activate their digital card and process the transaction within seconds. 

The benefits of accepting contactless:

Support for your small business. 

Just getting off the ground? Never taken cards before? We’re not expecting you to know all the lingo. We’re here to make things simple, by speaking your language. We’ve got plenty of support to get your small business taking cards as quickly as possible, with minimal fuss. 

Whether you’re a tech-whizz or a bit more old school, all of our card machines come with quick-start guides and on-screen setup prompts. But if you’d like us to talk you through, we’ve got a customer support team on hand from Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm. 

We’ve also got remote assistance, so if we can’t guide you to the right answer on the phone, we’ll log in to your card machine and sort out the technical hitch for you.

Helping businesses flourish.

We may supply card machines to small businesses, but it doesn’t stop there. 

We want to see your business flourish. We’re here for the journey, to see you go from a small startup to a successful and well-loved community treasure that the locals can’t wait to see. That’s why we’re supporting shops, restaurants, florists, or whatever your passion is. 

Want to start accepting payments without hassle? Get your quote today. Or, see our full range of card machines here, and visit our blog for more small business insights.