How to accept card payments in your retail shop.

Take card payments in your shop today.

Over seven billion Brits are living an almost cashless life according to statistics in 2020. With new technologies making it easier than ever for consumers to pay quickly and safely with cards, smartphones, and other digital devices, now’s the time to say goodbye to your ‘cash only’ sign. 

No more coin counting, wrong-change disputes and long queues, with rapid contactless payments, customers can tap and go – it’s really that easy.

We've got card machines for forward-thinking florists, fashionistas and everything in between. From blooming florals to crafty ceramics – whatever you’re selling – do it confidently, with intuitive card machines for small businesses and enterprises that work for you.

Portable payments, at your the pace you need.

A coffee shop is different from a florist, which is different from a jewellery shop. We don’t sell out-the-box card machines, we create tech-driven solutions that make independent business owners’ lives a little easier. 

Dojo Go is our flexible all-rounder. It’s an android portable and mobile card machine designed to move where you do. It connects to Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity (3G/4G) so you can take payments to your customers. Ideal for businesses who trade at festivals, pop-ups or events.

Time-saving till-side payments for your retail shop. 

Both the Dojo Go and the Dojo One integrate effortlessly with your EPOS. From the moment you get your shiny new card machine, you’ll be able to connect it to your till for time-saving technology that allows you to:

  • Process transactions quicker – You’ll only have to key in transaction amounts once
  • Minimise keying-in errors – The transaction amount will appear on the card machine so there's less room for human error
  • Efficient end-of-day reporting – No more long-winded reconciliation from card machine and EPOS discrepancies 

By your side – from open ‘til close.

Dojo card machines don’t just let your customers pay. They’re your trusty business partner, helping you spend less time cashing up and more time doing what you love. 

With the Dojo mobile or web app, you’ll have complete visibility over your transfers.

And end-of-day reporting? That becomes a breeze. You’ll have access to all of your transaction data across all of your business locations, all in real-time. This also allows you to monitor your sales performance by comparing transaction data week-on-week.

Taking the pain out of PCI compliance.

Secure payments are paramount for customer trust, and your peace of mind. Don’t lose sleep over the loss of income with our point-to-point encrypted (P2PE) card readers. P2PE is secure technology that is the most rigorous security on the market. It not only keeps your customers’ card data safe, but it helps you become PCI compliant easily. 

No more complex forms or confusing clauses, with Dojo, simply read and understand two clear documents and answer two straightforward questions to become PCI compliant.

Ready to move into the future of payments? 

From the date of your approval, we can have you up and running with your shiny new card machine within usually two days. Your sleek new card readers are ready to trade with chip and PIN, contactless, Apple, Samsung and Google pay from the get-go. So, why wait? Get your online quote today.