Chip and PIN machines.

The best Chip and PIN machines give your customers freedom – and you peace of mind.

We want you to spend less time worrying about fraudulent payments and more time making your business thrive.   

Taking card payments should be simple, but secure. Our chip and PIN machines use the latest security technology, giving you and your customers the confidence to go cashless.  

You work hard enough, so let our chip and PIN devices tackle the rest. All Dojo card machines come with point-to-point encryption (P2PE), the most rigorous payments security standard, at the forefront of the market. P2PE also makes PCI compliance a breeze, so that’s another load off your mind.

How do Dojo chip and PIN machines work? 

A customer has a debit or credit card with a small chip on it. This chip on this card functions like a small computer, storing data and processing it, only when it comes into contact with the card machine.

Once inserted into a chip and PIN machine, also know as a PDQ machine, the data can be processed and the transaction can be authorised. The chip will contain the card holder’s secure and sensitive information such as their:

  • Full name
  • Account number
  • The expiration date of the card
  • The 3-4 digit security code on the back of the card

One of the main reasons the data is so secure is because the chip stores it using cryptography, which encrypts the above data into a coded sequence, making it indecipherable by third parties without a specific key.

Is a chip and PIN card machine different from a contactless card machine? 

A chip and PIN machine is exactly the same as a contactless card machine. Dojo card machines have the technology to process both.

Customers who have contactless chip and PIN cards can pay for things up to the value of £100 by tapping their card onto the reader. If the value of the transaction is higher than £100, the customer must enter their card into the machine and enter their unique PIN.

Why should your business accept chip and PIN payments? 

Widely introduced and used across the UK in 2006, Chip and PIN payments have transformed the way we pay. We’ve long moved on from old-school signatures and allowed technology to protect customers data and your hard-earned income.

Plus with over 7.6 million spenders in the UK alone opting for a ‘cashless life’, don't let card payments pass you by.   

  • Cut down queues – Card payments are fast and reliable 
  • Cash up quicker – Reconcile your end-of-day sales figures easily, so you can leave on time
  • Eliminate human error – Fewer mistakes from miscounting loose change
  • Give better customer service – Customers have the freedom to pay their way

How fast can I get my money with card payments? 

You don’t have to wait for your hard-earned money just because it’s processed with a Chip and PIN reader. Card processing with Dojo means the option of 10am next-day transfers. You can also keep track of your takings across your different businesses with real-time transaction data on your Dojo dashboard

Choosing your card machine.

On the road, in a festival tent, or back and forth between tables. Not all businesses are the same. But they all have one thing in common, the need for reliable and agile chip and PIN terminals. Luckily, our cutting edge card machines cater for all.

Portable chip and PIN machines.

Dojo Go is our perfectly agile portable card machine – for payments that move with you. You could improve table turnaround and provide first-class customer service by taking payments to your customers, with your Wi-Fi connection. 

Take payments on the go with free mobile connectivity.

Serving coffee off the grid? Hitting the road to fix a faulty boiler? No Wi-Fi? No problem.

Your Dojo Go is pre-activated with a SIM card, for 3G/4G mobile connectivity, so you'll never be stopped by faulty or slow Wi-Fi.

Simply switch from Wi-Fi mode to mobile and unlock the power of payments on the open road – no wires or strings attached.

You'll never be caught short with multi-connectivity – you'll have a fully mobile card machine activated from the get-go. 

Countertop chip and PIN machines.

Robust and reliable, the Dojo One is tethered to your countertop and connected with your Ethernet cable. It’s a dependable and trusty machine for retailers and salons to take till payments.

Solutions for your small business or enterprise.

Our Chip and PIN machines are designed with your business in mind. Simple frictionless payments give you more freedom to do what you love. And if you ever need a helping hand, you can speak to a friendly human customer advisor.

Find out more about our card machine range here, get your online quote now, or visit our blog for more insights.

We’ve got a Chip & PIN card machine to meet your needs.

The Dojo Go is our portable and fully mobile card machine. It’s a modern, sleek Android machine built with point-to-point encryption – the best security on the market. Not only does that keep your customers’ card data safe, but it makes your PCI compliance a breeze.

And with an intuitive interface, built-in thermal printer and the ability to split the bill in custom or pre-filled amounts, it works to remove your workload.

Join a new era of payments with Dojo, and we could pay your exit fees, up to £3,000.