Woman Paying With Digital Wallet On Dojo Go

Mobile card machines.

For a business that takes you places.

Mobile card machines are designed to move with you – so that you can take payments wherever and whenever. That means that you don't have to rely solely on your Wi-Fi connectivity to get paid.

From gardeners to clothes designers, food trucks to window cleaners. If your business takes you places, you’ll need a reliable and mobile card machine that is completely wireless but doesn’t compromise on reliability, or security.

Flexible card payments, fixed security.

And even when you’re hopping from one place to the next, you’ll need stability in the form of a secure payment method, so that customers trust that you’re protecting their sensitive data. 

The Dojo Go is a mobile card machine comes with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) already installed. This means that your customers’ confidential card details are encrypted into coded sequences that cannot be understood by third parties, which minimises the risk of card fraud. 

Removing the pain from PCI compliance.

So that’s a load of your customers' mind, but what about you? Well P2PE is one of the standards required to become PCI DSS compliant. As all of our mobile card readers come with it as standard, so you’ve already ticked one thing off your list.

And what about the rest of PCI compliance? If you’re new to accepting cards, you’ll no doubt find the PCI process a little confusing. And if you’ve taken cards before, you’ll know that the process can be long-winded and complex at times. 

That’s why we’re on-hand to support you with the end-to-end PCI compliance, so you’re never at risk of jeopardising your business’ security and your customers’ data.

With a Dojo mobile chip and PIN machine, you'll have access to the compliance documents from your app. Once you've read them you'll be asked two simple questions to become compliant – it's that easy.

Get paid on the road.

At one point taking card payments meant bulky expensive card readers with wires and sockets. We’ve moved on since then, to sleek android card machines that work with Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G mobile connectivity.

Sleek in design, but built to last. Packing your bags to hit the road, no need to worry about a fragile machine taking a few knocks. The Dojo Go is lightweight and streamlined without being flimsy. It’s completely portable so as long as you’ve got a full battery and mobile connectivity, you’re good to go. 

What’s best about Dojo mobile card readers is that they come with all of the same trusty features as our countertop card machines. Just because it’s mobile, doesn’t mean it’s less powerful.

What's the difference between mobile and portable card machines?

Mobile and portable card machines are both flexible wireless card readers that work for any business that needs to take payments away from a fixed countertop or till.

Portable card machines use your premise's Wi-Fi connection to enable sales, whereas mobile card readers have the option of using SIM connectivity. That way, if you're a taxi driver, or sell pottery, flowers, or other wonderful wares at craft fairs you can use 3G or 4G to take payment from your customers.

How much does it cost for a fully mobile card machine?

We know running a business is stressful. So when your internet cuts out right on a busy bank holiday, we've got your back. We're giving our customers access to multi-connectivity for free. That's right, there's no extra charge for 3G/4G connectivity on your Dojo Go. When your Wi-Fi fails or is weak, your PDQ machine will automatically switch to 4G so you can keep transactions on track. You can also manually switch to mobile connectivity on your device settings. Find out more about free mobile connectivity in our handy guide.

Handy transaction data in your back pocket. 

When you sign up for a Dojo mobile card machine, you don’t just get to process payments on the move. You get access to a whole host of insights, right at your fingertips. Our mobile and desktop app helps you keep tabs on your transaction data across all of your businesses. 

Best of all, you have complete oversight of when you get paid by viewing your dashboard and receiving push notifications.

Why choose a Dojo mobile card machine?

With long-lasting battery life and light and durable design mean you’ll always be prepared. And our 3G/4G connection is supported by all the main UK networks, making our card readers fast, portable and easily adaptable to the needs of your business. 

Plus, with a monthly-rolling contract for card switchers, real-time insights delivered through our app and setup and delivery in just three business days, you’ll be ready to take payments from the get-go.  

And if you have any trouble setting up your machine – or just using your machine in general, we’ve got a team of real human customer advisors at the end of the phone Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

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