Contactless card machines

Allow your customers tap and go with speedy contactless payments, including Apple and Google Pay.

Contactless has transformed the way we pay – making it quicker and easier for businesses and consumers alike. No more long queues, loose change or lost PINs. And with digital wallets such as Apple, Google and Samsung Pay, it’s easier than ever to pay for anything with a contactless PDQ machine.

Last year, it was agreed that the contactless card limit would increase from £45 to £100 in a bid to match consumer preferences for fuss-free payments. 

So is your business ready for a contactless future? From barista to barkeep, we’ve got mobile, portable and countertop contactless card machines for every business. 

And with no long term commitments, next-day transfers and the best security on the market, with Dojo contactless card readers, you’ll be confident your business is in good hands.

What is a contactless card machine? 

Contactless card machines, contactless card readers or contactless machines – whatever you call them, they all do the same job. They allow small business, and enterprise, owners to get paid and permit consumers to pay safely and efficiently. 

So what is a contactless card machine? This type of card machine is a card reader that allows customers with contactless debit and credit cards to pay for goods and services without entering their chip and PIN

The technology used for contactless payments is Near-Field-Communication (NFC), a short-range wireless technology that allows two devices to communicate with one another to transmit and receive data. 

First adopted in 2007, contactless payments have multiplied in the past decade. In fact, in 2020, 9.6 billion payments were made using contactless – a 12% increase from the previous year. 27% of all payments are made with contactless technology in 2021, and 83% of UK people use contactless cards to make payments. In 2021, a lot of card machines used by businesses will have contactless capabilities because it provides a frictionless experience for shoppers, saving them time and effort. 

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The different types of contactless card machine 

All contactless card terminals allow cardholders to tap their card or smart device to pay for things. But there are a few different types of contactless card readers designed specifically for different business needs. 

For example, restaurants, bars and cafes may need wireless card machines that move around their premises, allowing guests to settle the bill from their table. 

And what about taxi drivers or travelling tradespeople that move up and down the country every day? They’ll need contactless card machines that have 4G mobile connectivity to take payments away from their Wi-Fi. For retailers, butchers and bakers that only take till-side payments, we’ve got sturdy countertop terminals. 

At Dojo, we’ve got them all. 


Countertop contactless machines sit on your till and connect with your Ethernet cable for speedy fixed payments. The Dojo One is our secure countertop card machine. It uses point-to-point encryption (P2PE), the leading security on the market, to keep your customers’ card data safe and give you peace of mind. 

It comes with a thermal printer, 4-inch touch screen and keypad; all with a simple, lightweight design. Our countertop contactless machines come ready to accept all major cards, including Amex and the Discover Global Network. Apple Pay and Google Pay are enabled too. 


Portable card readers are designed for businesses that need to carry their card machines around their business premises. 

Whether it’s diners at your restaurant, bar, or café –or to guests at your hair or beauty salon –portable card machines are wireless, lightweight and speedy, allowing for fuss-free payments. Customers can pay at their leisure without forming queues at one place. The Dojo Go connects to your Wi-Fi and has up to 10-hours of battery life – perfect for a busy shift. 


Mobile contactless card machines are similar to portable in that they’re completely wireless. But instead of relying on Wi-Fi for a connection, they have a SIM card for 4G mobile connectivity. The Dojo Go is our portable and mobile card machine – it works by connecting to your Wi-FI connection as a default. But if your network drops or you’re on the road away from a router, it automatically connects to mobile connectivity. 

Mobile card machines are the ideal solutions for businesses that want to take payments on the move. But they’re the perfect all-rounder for small businesses and enterprises alike because:

They offer reliability 

As 2020 has proven, life can be unpredictable – and so can our Wi-Fi connection. So don’t let a dodgy network mean missed payments or frustrated customers. If your network drops with the Dojo Go, it will automatically switch to 3G/4G before you’ve even realised it. 

Mobile connectivity is included with Dojo

As outdoor payments became the norm in 2020, it was more important than ever for the hospitality sector to accept contactless payments in their gardens and terraces. 

But with Wi-Fi that wouldn’t stretch, card payments became difficult. We decided that all of our customers needed one less thing to worry about during a difficult time.

They’re agile and ready for anything 

As your business grows, you’ll have more exciting opportunities, so why be restricted by static payments? By opting for a mobile card machine, you’ll be able to take payments in pop-up venues, at events – and wherever your business takes you.

What are the benefits of contactless card machines? 

Ease of use

Faster transactions mean shorter queues. With no need to handle cash, payments can be completed in seconds, and with a contactless card machine, there’s no need to enter a PIN. 

Safe transactions

Contactless provides the same level of protection against fraudulent purchases as Chip and PIN. The chip technology encrypts the card data, protecting both customers and business owners. 

Contactless is included

Providing contactless to customers doesn’t carry any extra expense. It costs the same to process a contactless payment as it does with a regular credit card payment. 

A better customer experience

Speed and efficiency are obviously appealing to customers. But in the time of COVID-19, they’ve taken on a whole new significance.

Customers are keen to get in and out of stores quickly. And on top of that, contactless has the additional hygienic benefit of not having to touch the machine.

Are contactless card readers secure? 

Contactless card machines use the same security technology as chip and PIN machines. At Dojo, we use P2PE – the most rigorous security on the market. Along with this security, there are measures in place to limit customer fraud from contactless payments. For example, consumers can only make a contactless card payment to the limit of £100 but to keep up with customer’s preference for contactless spending; this limit can also be set to consumers' preference with their bank.

Taking contactless payments with Dojo

When you accept card payments with a Dojo contactless card machine, you’ll receive:

Next day transfers

When you take cards with us, we won’t hang onto your hard-earned takings – we’ll transfer them into your account at 10am the next day including weekends and bank holidays.

Speedy transactions

Our card machines process transactions 80% faster than the industry average enabling you to serve customers at record speeds. 

Best-in-market security

We use point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to secure customer card data and protect your profits. It’s the best payment security on the market and makes PCI compliance simpler than ever.

Remote assistance and tech support

If there’s a glitch on your machine and you can’t fix it, we’ll get one of our tech specialists to log in remotely and sort it there and then.

Instant sales insights

Download, filter, and analyse all of your card transaction data in real-time on the Dojo app from the palm of your hand. 

Built-in thermal printers

Easily print out receipts for your customers with an integrated printer in your card machine.

Learn more about our contactless card machines and how attitudes towards contactless spending has changed here

Get ready for a contactless future 

The UK is on track to make the fastest switch to contactless in Europe as we leave cash behind. Now is the time to adapt and offer your customers the flexibility that they’ll soon come to expect.

We’re here to support you with your business transition with remote access tech support and online help-centre and real-life humans at the end of the phone from Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.

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Businesses processed payments 81% faster with Dojo compared to competitor acquirers. This finding was based on 10 live transaction tests taken place on-site at different businesses which compared a Dojo and a competitor transaction across March 2021.