How to accept card payments in your restaurant.

Hospitality owners will know all too well that taking payments in a restaurant isn't always as simple as it seems. 

It requires a certain amount of plate spinning. From balancing bills to making sure customers aren't waiting too long to settle up, so staff can turn tables for the next booking. 

And while diners will want to pay in different ways, one thing should stay constant –a first-class customer experience. 

So if you're a hospitality owner, it's essential to have card machines that support your business's smooth running. That way, it will make accepting debit and credit card payments in your restaurant or cafe effortless. 

Dojo's card machines for small businesses and enterprises provide the hospitality sector with the right sales tools to save time, minimise mistakes and make your staff's life that bit easier. So you can focus on what matters, like giving your customers complete five-star treatment.

Which card machine do I need for my restaurant?

Portable card machines

Most restaurants allow their customers to pay at their table, at the end of their meal. This requires a portable card machine.

Portable card readers are wireless and can be used across different rooms and areas of a restaurant using Wi-Fi connectivity. 

The Dojo Go is a portable card machine that can be used at varying distances across your restaurant, depending on your network's layout and strength. 

Mobile card machines 

If your restaurant has outdoor seating or a roof terrace, you may need your connection to extend further than your Wi-Fi allows. 

The Dojo Go is a mobile card machine that has a 3G/4G connectivity activated SIM card enabled, so you can switch between Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity to become fully mobile. With two ways to connect, you'll always have an option to fall back on, ensuring customers can pay using their preferred method.

Accepting contactless and Apple, Google and Samsung Pay. 

Contactless payments have accelerated rapidly over the past few years. Their ease of use and efficiency means that more and more people are opting to tap and pay. To maintain this efficiency and keep up with consumer habits, the transaction limit will increase in 2021 from £45 to £100. This increase will give customers greater flexibility and efficiency to pay for higher-value purchases without entering their PIN. 

All Dojo card machines come ready to accept contactless card payments or contactless payments through Apple, Google and Samsung Pay. You don't have to do anything extra to set these payments up. 

Using Pay at Table technology to sync your sales tools.

If your restaurant's first step to accepting payments is getting a reliable, trusted card machine, the next is connecting it to your EPOS. 

Dojo Pay at Table technology allows restaurants to integrate their card machines into their till. In simple terms, that means that waiting staff can push all transactions from the EPOS to the card machine for customers to settle the bill from the comfort of their seat. 

No double printing receipts or keying-in the amount twice, making for speedier transactions and fewer human errors. 

And with Pay at Table technology, you can solve the problem of bill-splitting without guests or cashiers reaching for the calculator. Split the bill in custom or pre-assigned amounts, straight from your card reader – no fuss or dodgy maths. 

Pay at Counter to cut down on queues in your restaurant.

Not all restaurants operate the same. Some rely on table service, whereas some less-formal eateries get customers to pay at the counter before they dine. Some might do both. Either way, we've got a solution that allows for either, at any time.  

With your integrated payments setup,  you'll also be able to use Pay at Counter technology for customers that want to pay at the till. The transaction amount inputted on your EPOS will push through onto your card machine, which means no double-keying in, which means faster transactions and fewer mistakes across the board.

Why accept payments in your restaurant with Dojo? 

We recognise that cash flow is critical for small businesses and enterprises, so when you take payments with us, we won't keep hold of your hard-earned income. We typically transfer all of our customers' funds into their account at 10am the next business day – so no more waiting for what's yours. 

When you accept credit and debit card payments with Dojo as standard, you'll receive:

Real-time business-insights 

You can see all your sales transactions and refunds live on the Dojo Dashboard, split by location and card-type.

Security you can trust 

Our card machines use point-to-point encryption – the most rigorous security on the market. Not only does this protect your profits and your customers' data, but it makes PCI compliance painless.

Human support 

We prefer to keep our industry-leading technology to our products. When it comes to customer service, we're hands-on and people-powered. If you need a hand, you can reach a friendly advisor to help you get things sorted swiftly. 

Get started with Dojo today and enjoy effortless payments and innovative business solutions made for the everyday.