It’s our business to make your business run smoothly. 

That’s why, as of now, all customers using Dojo Go card machines will enjoy free mobile connectivity as part of their standard plan. 

What does this change mean? 

If you’re an existing customer who currently pays for mobile connectivity, this fee will automatically be removed from your next invoice. 

You don’t have to take any action, and you’ll continue to enjoy uninterrupted and unlimited mobile connectivity. 

New customers that sign up for a Dojo Go card machine will receive unlimited mobile connectivity from the get-go. We’ll activate the SIM card in your device from sign-up.

The benefits of mobile connectivity

Take payments, seamlessly

Worried your Wi-Fi won’t stretch to your beer garden? Sick of asking customers to come inside to settle up? Use mobile connectivity across your business premises, and even on the road.

Improve your customers’ experience

Don’t disrupt your guests' flow. Allow them to pay at their table at the end of their visit with card machines that come to them.

And with Pay at Table technology, you can connect your card machine to your EPOS to allow diners to settle their bill in custom splits or equal amounts, straight from the device itself. 

Minimise lost revenue 

Say goodbye to lost trading hours, and forget about makeshift ‘cash only signs’. With dual connectivity, a bad Wi-Fi signal doesn’t need to be a bad day of trading. Switch to mobile connectivity and serve customers swiftly and reliably. 

Staying connected in times of uncertainty 

With the unpredictability of 2020-21, independent business owners have experienced constant instability and doubt. They've moved in and out of lockdown, transforming the way they trade to keep customers safe. And there have been two significant changes from COVID-19 that have impacted their ability to run smoothly.

  1. The cash to card swing 
  2. The demand for outdoor seating 


Both of which call for a reliable internet connection. 

With consumers ditching cash in favour of contactless payments, businesses were, and still are, reliant on their Wi-Fi connection to get paid. 

Yet Wi-Fi isn’t always stable. And with dodgy internet and therefore non-functional card machines, this could mean lost trading hours for many small businesses and enterprises, and a poor experience for their customers. 

For the hospitality industry, an unstable Wi-Fi connection was only made worse by outdoor-only dining.

Restaurateurs often found themselves unable to take card payments from their customers outside, due to ‘Wi-Fi that wouldn’t reach’. This forced the government to intervene (more than once) and change their rules – allowing customers indoors, only to pay. 

Making payments frictionless

On top of juggling the stresses of a pandemic, dodgy Wi-Fi is an unnecessary pain point for independent businesses just trying to get paid. 

For us, the solution was simple. All of our customers should be able to take card payments with confidence anywhere, anyhow – even if their Wi-Fi isn't up to the job. 

This meant free mobile connectivity for everyone. 

So whether the Wi-Fi is out – or just out of range, the Dojo Go card reader automatically switches to mobile connectivity, enabling frictionless payments outdoors, at the table, at the barside, at the tap of a button. 

And if you know there’s a glitch, you can manually enable mobile connectivity from the settings menu on your card machine. Simply find Wi-Fi on your list, toggle it off, and mobile connectivity kicks in straight away. 

The ‘reaching for signal’ dance is so last year

“Our last card machine relied on our Wi-Fi alone which was a disaster, as it wasn’t up to scratch. With our Dojo Go, we’re covered day and night – with just a tap of the machine we’re getting paid.

We used to do a little dance to try and get a signal, it was pretty embarrassing in front of customers, and unprofessional. The card machine really wasn’t fit for purpose and we didn’t realise there was something out there that was so much better! I’ve recommended Dojo to other business owners for the sheer simplicity and ease of it all.”

– Dojo customer, Royal Oak Hotel, Scotland

Ready for reliable payments?

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