We're Dojo. And we're on a mission to bring effortless payments to independent businesses everywhere. 

Dojo has been in the making for around two years. It all started when we realised that when it came to payments, businesses didn't have the tools and services to match their ambition. They were oversold and underserved. Signed-up and hung out to dry. It got us thinking about how we could create a fairer, simpler, and more efficient customer experience.

Customers at the heart of everything

Dojo was created because of the common pain points of many hard-working, independent businesses. Before we did anything else, we did around 20,000 interviews. We asked business owners what they needed to make their businesses better. Mostly, they told us what they didn't need. 

Things like overly complicated PCI compliance questionnaires and technology that couldn't be trusted. Bad service and rip-off rates. It was pretty clear that the way to add would be to take away. So we got to work.

Working together to simplify the everyday

We don't second guess what our customers need. We work with them to co-create products and services that help make running their business straightforward and stress-free. 

At our best, we should be invisible – a silent partner hiding in plain sight, enabling the seamless flow of money through business. Because when the necessary stuff just happens, you have more headspace to focus on what really matters: taking your business to the next level.

Effortless payments, unparalleled support

From rigorous security, to intuitive tech, and getting paid fast, we're working hard to make things better today than they were yesterday. And ultimately, take as much hassle out of running a business as possible.

Real-time reporting on the Dojo app means making sense of the numbers is simpler than ever, and faster access to takings means cash flow is one worry to tick off the list.

And while technology drives us forward, it's the people at Dojo that set us apart. Because when it comes to a problem or query, it's always easier to ask someone. We think our customer support people are the best in the business. We hope you do too. 

Introducing Dojo card machines to the world has been a crazy ride. We're excited that it's just the start of what's to come.