Accepting card payments in your hair or beauty salon.

Card payments are swiftly becoming the norm. In fact, according to UK Finance, 7.4 million people in the UK are living an almost ‘cashless life’, and opting to pay for goods and services by card wherever they possibly can.

This is not surprising, given that most small businesses and enterprises now accept cards for goods and services. And technology has advanced so far that card payments are typically fast, secure and fuss-free.

So if you're a personal care business owner, find out the best card machine to use for your hair or beauty salon. 

A cut above the rest.

You want to show your customers that you’re dedicated to giving them the best experience in your salon, from start to finish – that also includes payments.

After all, nobody enjoys that awkward moment when a customer pulls out their card to pay, and then they have to Google the nearest ATM. It’s an inconvenience, to say the least. 

But, by offering card payments, you give your customers the freedom to pay their way. Whether that’s using contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or chip and PIN for transactions over £45. 

You can even accept tips on your card machine, so you’ll never lose out on tokens of gratuity.

Razor-sharp technology.

It’s not just your customers that will be looking sharp. Dojo card machines have sleek touch screen technology, 10-hour battery life and 5-inch LED screens. They also come with point-to-point encryption (P2PE), the most rigorous security on the market. 

When you sign-up to Dojo, you'll get more than just a card machine. You'll get business insights that move with you. Using our Dojo app, you can track all of your transactions, at the touch of a button.

Insights include:

  • Push notifications when your funds are transferred 
  • Real-time transaction data including date, time and card type
  • Multi-location transaction data across all your salons

Which card machine is right for your hair or beauty salon?

Countertop card machines

If you’ve got a fixed till and point of sale in your salon, you can accept card payments from your clients there with a countertop card machine. 

Dojo One is our reliable countertop card reader that connects to your Ethernet cable. It takes chip and PIN, contactless card payments and Apple, Google and Samsung pay as standard. 

Portable card machines

If you want to let your customers pay from the comfort of their chairs, you’ll need a portable card machine, also known as a portable PDQ machine that works away from wires. 

Dojo Go is our handheld portable card machine which connects to Wi-Fi. And with up to 10-hours battery life, you’re set for a busy day of dyeing, chopping and curling.

Mobile card machines

Got stylists on the move? Sprucing up clients across the map? You'll need mobile card machines that work without Wi-Fi. With the Dojo Go, you can enable mobile connectivity to take payments with 3G/4G without fuss.

Shaving time, trimming down on errors. 

Busy days call for efficiency. To save time and minimise errors, integrate your card machine with your till. Dojo EPOS integration uses our intelligent software to connect your card machine to your till.

This means you’ll say goodbye to keying-in errors, mishaps and missed profits – and hours of reconciliation at the end of the day. 

Freeing your funds, with next working-day transfers.

One of the main reasons that a lot of small business and enterprise owners stick to cash is because they need their money in their account as soon as possible to pay staff, suppliers and rent. 

With Dojo card payments, there’s no waiting around for your hard-earned money. We offer next working-day transfers, which means we'll transfer your card takings into your account at 10am the next business day. 

Accept contactless payments with Dojo card machines. 

We pride ourselves on creating frictionless solutions for small business owners and enterprises. Our solutions aren’t just one-size-fits-all – they’re designed to work the way you do. That’s why we’re making payments effortless with:

  • Real human support
  • Next working-day transfers
  • Real-time transaction data

Ready to accept card payments in your hair or beauty salon? Let Dojo make things effortless – get your online quote today.