A guide to integrated card payments & the benefits for your business

Integrated card payments make life as a business owner easier. By seamlessly connecting your card machine to your point of sale, it can not only save you time but can help reduce miskeying errors too.

So whether you run a thriving thrift shop or a bustling burger joint, find out below why integrated payments are a great solution for streamlining your business.

What is integrated card payments?

If you’re a business owner that accepts cards, it’s likely you’ll have a point of sale and a card machine. But if these two things don’t work in sync, it can be a pain – especially when it comes to end-of-day reporting.

Your cashiers or waiting staff have to key in the customer’s transaction amount twice. Once into your point of sale (EPOS) and once into your card machine. It’s a waste of time for customers and staff alike.

And when things get busy, it’s easy for mistakes to happen. An extra zero here, or a miskeyed amount there – it can be costly for your business and frustrating for your customers.

Luckily, integrating your card machine to your EPOS can remove these worries, improving the all-round experience.

Make your card machine connect to your EPOS.

It’s all about connections. And luckily we’ve got plenty of them.

Dojo integrated payments is a cloud-based solution that connects your card machines with over 600 different EPOS providers.

All of our card machines come ready to integrate, and we’ll work with your provider to make the process seamless and efficient so you’re ready to accept payments without hassle.

The benefits of integrated payments for your business.

Integrated card payments create a seamless customer experience, as well as saving you time when it comes to end-of-day reconciliations.

Speed up sales
By only keying in transactions once, you could process card payments twice as fast, and more accurately.

Safeguard your income
Human error happens. But controlling sales straight from the EPOS means there’s less room for costly mistakes. In fact, Dojo’s integrated payments can save you up to £140 in written-off revenue each month.

Streamline the customer experience
With less time spent rectifying errors and double-keying, customers will feel the benefits of a smoother operation.

Save time on reporting
Your EPOS will match the sales put through on your card machine, making reconciliation a breeze.

Our 2019-2021 research found that Dojo customers with integrated payments saved a third of time cashing up each day, compared to non-integrated customers.

Switch between two modes, for complete flexibility. 

Switch between two modes on your card machine and you'll unlock the benefits of Pay at Table and Pay at Counter. 

Personalise the experience with Pay at Table

Allow customers to pay from the comfort of their seats by bringing the card machine to the table, all still controlled from the EPOS.

Pay At Table solutions are ideal for hospitality owners that want to:

  • Close tables directly from their card machines – no more pacing back and to the till
  • Print customer bills from their card machine, without needing the EPOS
  • Allow customers to settle their bill their way – with custom or equal splits
  • Add gratuity, either in customised amounts, or with recommended percentages

Cut down queues with Pay at Counter

Pay At Counter allows cashiers to push the customer’s transaction amount straight to the card machine from the till.

This means that your card machines can stay fixed in one secure position on the till, as staff won’t need to handle them to key in the sale amount. This makes the card machines less likely to get damaged from wear and tear or accidents – ideal for busy retailers in any industry.

It also reduces the time taken to process a sale, making the experience a lot smoother for both your staff and customers.

Integrated payments, with your customers’ security in mind.

All of our card machines come with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) – the most rigorous security on the market. When linked with your EPOS, you’ll not only be able to accept card payments efficiently but safely, too. P2PE also helps make PCI compliance less of a pain.

Freedom to switch.

Unlike app-based offerings that lock you into a specific EPOS and hardware system, Dojo integrated payments give business owners the freedom to switch their EPOS provider whenever, and however, they choose.

Our software is compatible with over 600 current providers, and we’re working on expanding that further. So, no matter what EPOS you choose, you’ll likely be able to sync your Dojo card machine seamlessly.

Ready to accept card payments with Dojo? 

If you're ready to revolutionise the way you accept card payments, get started now with your online quote. And if you're switching from another provider, we could even pay your exit fees up to £3,000. 


Revenue losses based on a study of 80 customers in Feb 2021. Data representative of the average customer, based on the size of business and number of card machines. £16 margin of error at 95% confidence.

Time saved cashing up found in research of 131 customers across two studies ran in 2019 and 2021. The savings equated to 34.9% of the time taken. Margin of error of 22 seconds at 95% confidence.