We continually invest in new tools, features and improvements to help make doing business that little bit easier.

After all, we're a company built on feedback – so we know first-hand how much impact innovation can have on our customers' day-to-day lives. With that in mind, here are just a few refinements, updates and new products we've launched with businesses like yours in mind.

Next-day transfers, 365 days a year

Your bank transfers are processed from 10am every day – even at weekends and bank holidays. Helping you access cash-flow more easily and flexibly. Plus, you can track all your transfers with daily mobile notifications from the Dojo app.

Updates to your card machine

We've made a few updates to your card machine. As well as bolstering point-to-point encryption security and connectivity through 4G and Wi-Fi, we've added:

  • Cashback to give your customers an extra reason to purchase from you.
  • A bright red error screen to help you spot failed payments and protect your profits.
  • A new design on the screen to help customers tap contactless payments more easily.
  • Custom end-of-day summaries, letting you get an ever closer look at your card machine takings.
  • An option to email cardholder receipts to your customers to help save five till rolls a month on average.
  • More gratuity options, helping your staff get the tips they deserve.

Three payment options that don’t need a machine

  • With the virtual terminal, you can process payments on your desktop, tablet or phone, as if it were your card machine. So if you’re on-the-go or you're taking payments on the phone, you've got everything you need to make a sale.
  • Payment links let you get paid securely when you’re away from your card machine, helping you to take payments remotely without a website. You can create a payment link any time in your Dojo account online or on the app.
  • Online checkout launches later this year – giving you all the benefits of Dojo payments on your website. Whether you need a bespoke solution or a ready-to-go plug-in, there's an ecommerce option for any business. Contact us here to be one of the first customers to use it.

Updates to the Dojo for business mobile and web app

  • You now have all the tools you need to track, manage and grow your business straight from your Dojo app.
  • You can use Insights and transaction filters to easily spot trends in your data, to help you reflect and forward plan.
  • You can now update teams, locations and permissions in your Dojo app. Meaning the right people can see the right things quickly and easily in your Dojo account.
  • You can now get your invoice online as well as by email, helping you keep on top of the ins and outs of your business.
  • You can now apply for business funding in the app with dynamic funding eligibility, making access to extra cash-flow even simpler.

Offering new revenue streams

If you're a hospitality business, make sure you're making the most of Dojo, by using virtual queues and bookings. The all-in-one system lets you seamlessly manage your walk-ins, advanced bookings and promotions – all from the same place. Plus, you can easily attract more diners by promoting your business to more than 700k consumers on the Dojo app.

Coming soon - accounting integrations

Some customers will be able to connect a Dojo account with Quickbooks. And this will be available soon with even more accounting providers. Contact us here to be one of the first customers to use it.

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