Time is money. And Dojo helped this community store get more of both.

Vinit Patel took over the Londis store on Edgware’s bustling Deansbrook Road in 2019, convinced by its location, popularity and potential. It is a highly-valued community hub - as well as the supermarket, it offers customers Post Office services and PayPoint facilities that make paying bills quick and easy. 

Vinit reviewed the shop’s operations in 2021, keen to see where he could make improvements for both staff and customers.

Adding 150+ customers per week

Located on a vibrant shopping precinct, the Londis store sees consistent footfall throughout the day and can get very busy during peak hours. Dojo’s ability to process transactions in the blink of an eye has made a massive difference to his bottom line. 

Whereas previously, queues regularly built up during peak hours, taking payments with Dojo means customers can pay in seconds. Vinit estimates that he can serve an extra 20+ customers a day with Dojo compared with the RMS machine staff used before. That has increased takings by around 20% – a massive uplift when margins are being squeezed. 

“We take payments within five seconds with Dojo - it’s just so much faster than our previous machine. My customers love the machine’s speed, and we serve 150 customers more customers weekly, maybe even more.” 

£0 in failed transaction losses

Failed transactions are frustrating, but they can also cost money. Several payment systems are so slow that by the time merchants get a failed payment notification, customers have left with their goods. Vinit found that poor connectivity was to blame for 90% of failed transactions, as well as hundreds of pounds in losses. 

Fortunately for Vinit, Dojo Go's ability to switch between Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity means missing payments are a thing of the past. Since making Dojo the supermarket’s primary payment method, the number of failed payments has fallen to a fraction of their previous level. And where customer payments do fail, Vinit and his team are notified straight away.

 “There’s a red screen, so you can’t miss it. In the two years since we switched from RMS to Dojo, we’ve not lost a penny of revenue because of a failed transaction.”

And he no longer has to worry about missing out on thousands of pounds because of a broken card machine - something that happened shortly after he took over the supermarket. “It took nine days to get a replacement, and we could not accept card payments over that period. That cost the business more than £14,000 in revenue."

“Our Dojo machine has never broken down, and we know it guarantees a replacement within 48 hours. We’re not going to lose a week’s turnover because of a broken machine.”

£800 human error losses saved

As a busy outlet, Vinit knows that occasional errors can happen. Under the previous payment system, its card machine and till operated separately. It meant that if a staff member scanned £40 of goods but only entered £4 into the payments machine, the mistake would not be picked up. Unfortunately, these errors meant lost revenue. 

The Dojo system integrates till and machine, so the amounts always sync up. The result? Little to no lost revenue in two years – meaning £800 revenue saved and lots of headaches avoided along the way.

Increasing sales by 5% on the doorstep

Dojo has helped Vinit to add a new home delivery service. It has been embraced by several of Londis’ long-term customers, many of whom are elderly and don’t feel comfortable paying for goods online or over the phone. Dojo’s reliable 4G connectivity means Vinit and his team can deliver orders to local residents and take payment on the doorstep. 

“Taking doorstep payments has increased our revenues by around 5%. But more important than that are the people we can deliver shopping and services to. We have customers who find it challenging to shop in-store, and this service is invaluable for them.” 

1.5 hours saved per week

Like many Dojo customers, Vinit has also saved considerable time. With the RMS system, he and his staff had to use a back-office computer to check transactions. Dojo delivers transactions directly to his phone, making responding to any customer queries a lot faster. 

“I save around 15 minutes a day, which is an hour and a half a week. That’s time when I can get on with other tasks that add value to the business. I didn’t have that before introducing Dojo.”

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