Why use handheld card machines in hospitality?

Accept card payments by contactless card or with Samsung, Apple or Google pay via a digital wallet with the Dojo Pocket handheld card machine. This portable device lets you offer different payment methods and easily switch between taking orders and payments.

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Enhance efficiency and service with one device

Pocket-sized and portable

Take orders and payments from wherever with Dojo Pocket – the small, light and powerful handheld card machine that connects to your EPOS system in the cloud. Designed for hospitality businesses.

Turn more tables

Boost your revenue and streamline service with Dojo Pocket. Serve seamlessly on the move with this handheld device for faster, more efficient service and more tables turned.

Say goodbye to walkouts

Take upfront payments right after an order with the Dojo Pocket handheld card machine. Avoid unwelcome walkouts and let customers leave exactly when they're ready.

Accept any payment amount

Keep payments simple. With a simple, secure virtual PIN pad, customers can pay without inserting their card – even for transactions over £100.

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Keep service smooth and customers happy

Built-in 4G

Say goodbye to Wi-Fi woes and provide a positive payment experience for your customers with mobile connectivity included as standard.

Digital receipts

Reduce wait time for customers with a paperless experience and save staff trips to the till. Display the bill on screen and email digital receipts.

Switch between modes

Switch between order and payment modes with a tap. Our handheld device can be used as a simple, pocket-sized card machine, too.