2023 was a busy year at Dojo – and it’s down to you. We listened to your feedback and spent the year hard at work expanding our product offering – all to better suit your needs.

Over the course of the year, we launched over 30 new products and features to make running your business easier. From developing new, flexible ways to take payment, to improving the Dojo for business app, or making it easier than ever for small businesses and enterprises to access funding – every update and release was crafted with you in mind.

But with so many updates, where to start? Look no further. Whether you’re in hospitality or retail, discover our top five product updates from 2023 to help you succeed in 2024.

Want to explore all our product and feature releases? Check them out below:

Dojo for business app

Homepage and header
Enjoy an easier and more consistent in-app experience with the new homepage and improved header.

Consolidated billing
Receive one invoice for all your locations. So that means just one bill for your business and that’s it – simple.

Track and order card machines
Order a new device easily and see where it is with the track and order feature for your card machines.

Card machine management
Enjoy an even easier setup experience with activation and supervisor codes, thanks to this new feature.

Search transactions
View and manage payments with ease – just search in the transactions list.

Summary of total takings
Easily manage your cash flow – check the summary of total takings on your card machine.

Push notification preferences
Choose exactly what communications you receive – notifications on your terms.

In-person payments

Launch: Tap to Pay on iPhone
Accept in-person, contactless payments with an iPhone and the Dojo for business app. No extra hardware needed – at no extra cost.

Launch: Dojo Pocket
Take orders and payments with one perfectly portable device. Designed to help you boost revenue and streamline service, you can connect with your EPOS system in the cloud, take orders on the move, and accept payment, wherever.

Increase consumer purchases with the new cashback feature – now available on some Dojo card machines.

Summary of total takings
Easily manage your cash flow – check the summary of total takings on your card machine.

Declined payment sound
Avoid lost revenue and offer consumers an enhanced user experience with the new declined payment sound.

Remote payments

Launch: Virtual terminal
Offer remote payments to customers – and take payment instantly, even when the cardholder isn’t present. All from the Dojo for business app.

QR codes
With QR codes, consumers have even more flexible ways to pay.

Online checkout Adobe plugin
Integration is now easier than ever for customers who run their website via Adobe Commerce.

Dojo bookings

Create different types of bookings such as brunches and set menus – for an even richer customer experience.

Booking deposits
Take booking deposits to protect your revenue and reduce the risk of no-shows.

Card on file
Add customer credit card details during booking to avoid no-shows and protect revenue.

Onboarding improvements
Enjoy an even easier setup process with the improved back end experience and onboarding tour to provide better product education.

Custom booking schedules
Set custom time slots for when you can accept bookings – tailor your booking availability to your precise needs.

View and manage queues
View and manage queues on the same page – and save your staff valuable time.

Add a party
Increase efficiency by entering bookings and walk-ins directly into the planner view.

Edit party duration
Maximise table usage – choose shorter periods for smaller tables and longer periods for larger groups.

Choose desired areas
Let customers choose their preferred area – helping you get more bookings.

Booking enquiries
Give your customers peace of mind with the new booking enquiries feature, allowing parties to ask questions head of booking

Temporarily close areas and tables
Improve efficiency with managing covers and optimise your staff’s workload.

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