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Easy mobile payments. On Tap.

Tap to Pay on iPhone lets Dojo customers seamlessly and securely accept contactless payments using only an iPhone through the existing Dojo for business iOS app – with no additional hardware needed. For businesses, that means more free time to better serve customers.

With Tap to Pay on iPhone and Dojo app, you can accept in-person, contactless payments right on your iPhone – from physical debit and credit cards to Apple Pay and other digital wallets. It’s also easy, secure, and private.

Tap to Pay on iPhone uses the built-in features of iPhone to help keep business and customer data private and secure. When a payment is processed, Apple doesn’t store card numbers on the device or on Apple servers, so you can rest assured knowing your customers can tap, pay and feel secure.

Whether it’s via digital wallets like Apple Pay, or any other way to accept contactless cards, accepting contactless payments is easy when you can take payments on iPhone.

“This roll out is part of Dojo’s ongoing commitment to constantly innovate our technology and create solutions to the challenges our customers are facing – enabling customers to scale the superfast Dojo payment experience, without the requirement for additional hardware.

Tap to Pay on iPhone offers a new level of speed and accessibility for our customers, allowing them to take contactless payments quickly and efficiently, straight from their Dojo for business app, and process them in seconds without waiting for a card machine to become available. This means one less thing for businesses to worry about and plays a key role in elevating the overall experience they can offer their customers.”

Frazer Harper, VP at Dojo