To learn all about minimum holiday entitlement, from what it is to who needs how much time, read our expert guide below.

We'll cover:

  • What is minimum holiday entitlement?
  • Is there a statutory minimum holiday entitlement?
  • What is minimum holiday entitlement in the UK?

What is minimum holiday entitlement?

Minimum holiday entitlement, also known as annual leave or holiday entitlement, is a legal requirement for all employees, although the number of days may vary depending on the hours you work. 

Annual leave is time that can be used for time off work, from going on holiday to simply having some time away from the daily grind. Minimum holiday entitlement ensures that all employees are given a ratio of days off to how many hours they work over the year. These can also include bank holidays and public holidays, however, some companies give you those off as well as the statutory annual leave.

Holiday entitlements are paid time off and are inclusive of your annual salary or hourly wage.

Is there a statutory minimum holiday entitlement?

Yes, in the UK almost all workers are legally entitled to a certain number of days off a year. Even those who are agency workers or on zero-hour contracts still have an annual leave entitlement.

Having time off employment is important for a number of reasons from being able to spend time with friends and family, having a well-deserved break, time to yourself and numerous mental health benefits. The reason annual leave is beneficial is it gives employees time to decompress, relax or take time off for other reasons like events, whilst still being paid.

What is the minimum holiday entitlement in the UK?

Any workers in the UK that work a full five days are entitled to 28 days of statutory holiday (approximately 5.6 weeks). This includes four weeks of paid annual leave and 1.6 weeks of bank and public holidays.

Employees on part-time hours will have lower minimum holiday entitlement, this is 5.6 x your usual working hours. So, if one week of work is three days at seven hours, you would be entitled to 21 x 5.6 hours of holiday entitlement.

This applies across England, Scotland and Wales.

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