Not everyone is a tech whizz and thanks to payment links you don’t have to be. You’ve got a business to run, staff to manage and, just as importantly, a work/life balance to nail. So no one would blame you if learning how to code is nowhere near the top of your priorities. But tipping your toe into the world of online payments – and taking your business to the next level – shouldn’t require all these extra skills anyway.

At Dojo, we firmly believe in providing you with the tools to excel, so you can focus, instead, on the things that truly make your business special.

Enter our newest feature, made to take your business online without any coding skills necessary. Payment links.

Accept remote payments with payment links

What’s a payment link?

A payment link is a URL that lets you accept payments from your customers online. It’s secure, quick and easy to use, making it a popular choice when it comes to ecommerce. The link takes your customer to a simple checkout webpage where they can complete their payment.

Online payment links give your customers more flexibility as you can offer them a choice of different ways of paying.

How to accept payments with payment links

We designed our link payment system with ease of use and flexibility in mind. But most of all, it allows you to reach more customers wherever they are – this is remote payments, unlocked.

Once you create a unique payment link, you simply need to share it with a customer to get paid online. The payment will be transferred to your usual business account – the same one you use with Dojo.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to easily differentiate between your in-person and remote payments within your Dojo account – thanks to our clear payment breakdowns that you can manage at a glance.

How to create & send a payment link with Dojo

With us, you can create a unique online payment link within a few taps, share it with your customer and get paid in minutes. Payment links are accessible through your Dojo account but if you aren't able to see payment links in your account menu under payments, contact our customer service team here to request approval for this option to be added.

As a Dojo customer, all you have to do is:

  1. Log into your account, select ‘Create a payment link’ and then set the desired amount. You can also customise your link with a description. A unique link will then be generated.
  2. Copy the URL and share it any way you like – via private message, social media or any messenger app you’d use to reach your customers.
  3. When your customer taps or clicks on the link, they’re taken to a secure checkout page – where they can view the amount and description and complete their transaction using their debit/credit card or digital wallet.
  4. Your customer will receive an email receipt once they’ve completed the transaction.


“I secured more jobs, because we need to take deposits before our technicians leave the base. Previously we sent out bank details for customers to transfer or pay over the phone – customers prefer payment links!”

Sana Haidary, Fix my tyre


This is it – everything you need to know to set up a payment link in Dojo.

But we know you probably have a few more questions about receiving payments by link. So we’ve compiled your ultimate guide to pay links below.

Are payment links safe?

Creating a secure payment link is a given. All payments you accept via a Dojo pay link are authenticated using Strong Customer Authentication. This ensures both you and your business are protected from fraudulent payments. Plus, point-to-point encryption means that your customers’ data is protected – and so is your income. This is the same encryption like the one on your Dojo card machine.

When will a payment show in my account?

Once your customer pays by link, the link’s status on the Payment links page in your account will change to ‘Paid.’

The payment will be listed on your account’s transaction list like any other card machine transaction, but the payment method will be recorded as a Payment link. Plus, the description you entered when creating the payment link will also be recorded here.

Are payment links free?

We don’t charge you a monthly fee to use payment links. All you need to pay is a remote payments transaction rate of 0.5% above the rate you pay for in-person payments made through your Dojo card machine.

How do I set up a payment link on my website?

As each payment link is unique and can be paid only once, you’ll need to generate a new one for each of your customers. For this reason, you can’t set a generic link up on your website to be used multiple times – this is both for your and your customers’ security.

However, multi-use payment links are something our team is working on, so watch this space.

How Dojo payment links work for you

Now you know how to set up a payment link in Dojo and get paid instantly – but is a pay-by-link solution the one for you?

You’ll love payment links if:

  • You don’t have a website but would like to sell online.
  • You sell through social media channels, email or text message.
  • You take orders over the phone (and you no longer want to rely on always having your card machine in hand). Maybe you even want to say goodbye to card-not-present transactions in general?
  • You sell event tickets.
  • You want to take hassle-free deposits – for example, for advance bookings or services.
  • You want to take payments when you’re out making deliveries.
  • You issue invoices – and would like to make them more seamless.
  • You predominantly sell in-person and would like a quick pay link option for these one-off cases.


“We sell event tickets and the link is so helpful as we can now do everything by email.”

Maurice Dunk, The Woodstock Pub

Pay by link (UK) - what’s next?

At Dojo, we continue listening to our customers’ feedback. So, with this in mind, we’ve got even more exciting features lined up for you. Our team is tirelessly working on delivering exactly what you asked for, including things such as:

  • Receiving instant notifications as soon as you get paid by link.
  • Adding more customisation options beyond the short description. Just in! We've heard you loud and clear and you can now add your business logo to the payment links you send customers. 

And there’s so much more as we work on making accepting payments online even easier for you. Watch this space. Getting paid online is about to get better.