A busy night of bookings, last-minute walk-ins, and eager diners waiting at the door hoping for cancellation can quickly become overwhelming for your staff. Not to mention frustrating for your customers. That’s why you need a restaurant booking system that makes seating your customers a breeze.

So it comes as no surprise that as we’ve been striving to empower the experience economy with just the right tools – we were keen to look into helping you improve the end-to-end experience you offer. And that starts well before a customer walks through your door. Enter our innovative restaurant booking system features that highlight just how simple managing customer expectations can be.

With Dojo's virtual queues & bookings (previously known as WalkUp by Dojo, now part of the Dojo team), you can maximise efficiency and reduce no-shows. How? Our all-in-one platform is easy to use and navigate, giving you an overview of your complete customer flow. So you manage your restaurant more efficiently without compromising on the quality of your service.

The best restaurant booking systems empower you and your staff to work smarter

You'll love virtual queues & bookings if:

  • You're running a busy restaurant. Stay on top of your peak times and be more efficient. Our system displays all bookings, walk-ins, waitlists and queues you might have going for an easy-to-manage view.
  • You're a small restaurant owner. Put your restaurant on the food map and enjoy some extra exposure – without extra effort from you. A restaurant listing on our consumer-facing app means more eyes on your menu. And that could quickly translate into more covers.
  • You want to empower your staff to work smarter. Give your staff a helping hand – our platform is so easy to use that anyone in your team will be able to start seating guests without extra training involved. So they can spend more time on excellent customer service and less on frustrating admin.

Intrigued? Let's get into the finer details.

How virtual queue management can help you and your business

Picture this: it's sunny, and your garden is getting busier than usual. All your tables fill up quickly, but the walk-ins showing up at the door won't slow down. In fact, you have to turn more and more people away as they continue their search for a spot in the sun. Who can blame them on a day as glorious as this?

At Dojo, we've got a solution at hand for restaurant brands that want to start preparing their booking systems. What if you could simply add all these eager walk-ins to a virtual queue instead? They can be off enjoying the sunshine nearby and as soon as a table is ready, they'll get a notification so they can head back to you. No need to aimlessly wait in front of your door, getting agitated.

Meanwhile, all your staff have to do is add a name and phone number to the system and push a button once the table is free.

Behind the scenes, we use a super smart algorithm to provide both you and your guests with accurate wait times. You can reach more people, let them join a virtual queue, and give them the flexibility to do what they want with their wait time. So that we can remove queue anxiety from the equation – and boost staff productivity along the way.

What about restaurant bookings?

Our restaurant booking system software is quick and easy to set up, so it can be used by anyone in your business. No complicated tech knowledge, no need to be a super experienced host.

Plus, we provide customisable emails that let diners easily communicate with you – be it on special occasions, booking amends or cancellations.

Drive more hungry diners to your empty tables

And when the hours slow down, we can help you get hungry diners straight to your empty tables. Keep the customers coming with restaurant offers, exclusively available through our consumer app, where thousands of users search for their next meal out. Time to switch your off-peak on.

With Dojo's virtual queues & bookings software you can really dial up your efficiency to 100:

  • From setup to success in 20 minutes. We’ve made our system quick to set up and easy to use. So you can be up and running in 20 minutes or less.
  • Manage your peak demand. From app users to walk-ins, your customers can join the queue virtually and get a text when their table is ready.
  • Pack your place out. Now you can fill up your tables without losing track – with customisable booking emails that let your customers edit, cancel or contact you with ease.
  • Know your diners like never before. Use walk-in data to personalise dining experiences and plan your table layout to meet their needs.
  • No shows, no more. Punctual diners are rewarded with a bigger search radius – so they can discover your restaurant from up to 5km away. 85%+ of our users show up on time for their table.
  • Reach new diners instantly. With over 500,000 app users already on the app, you can instantly put your restaurant on their map.

The bottom line is a fully optimised queueing and booking management system can help improve restaurant flow, reduce lines, and allow your staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer service. It really is a win-win.

Want to know more about our virtual queues & bookings? See our pricing for more details and contact us today to hear more about how we can help you manage your restaurant flow to your advantage.