Security is an absolute priority when it comes to money. That’s why we’re investing so much into our market-leading offering, designed to help protect our customers from in-person fraud.

We’re updating our Authorisation fee to a Secure Transaction fee, to offer your business enhanced protection.

And with the current economic challenges facing the high street, it’s really important that we do the most we can to help businesses protect profits made on the shop floor.

We help bolster payment security with added safety measures every time you process a transaction.


Dojo’s multi-layered security package is made up of three key features

1. Our best-in-class fraud detection algorithm 

Proven to reduce fraud losses by an average of 45%

We’re investing in advanced tech that fights fraud at the point of sale. This always-on detection algorithm spots and blocks in-person fraud attacks in less than 30 milliseconds.

The system identifies unusual customer-level transactions which are flagged as fraudulent, and then blocks the associated payment card across the entire Dojo network.

The model rapidly adapts to the latest card data, which is instantly applied to protect every business using Dojo card machines. All of which comes together to make an average 45% reduction in fraud losses and fraud-related chargebacks (source below).

2. Point-to-point encryption as standard for in-person payments

Providing significantly reduced financial exposure from a data breach

Dojo card machines encrypt sensitive data to protect customers and business owners from hacking. All Dojo devices come with point-to-point encryption, preventing the possibility of a data breach, which can be costly in terms of both finances and reputation.

It’s the most secure encryption on the market, leaving businesses with more peace of mind when it comes to data safety.

3. Super-simple PCI compliance tools

Saving businesses time reporting PCI compliance

For in-person transactions, merchants can report their PCI compliance in as little as two minutes by answering just two questions. And that leaves our customers with more time to focus on what matters to their businesses.

Secure Transaction fee and VAT

The new Secure Transaction fee incurs 20% VAT. So, if you’re VAT registered, this fee may be tax deductible. Speak to your accountant for more information. You’ll start to see your Secure Transaction fee in your first billing period from 30 November.

If you have any more questions about your Dojo service, you can get tips, tools and FAQs at the Help Centre.

Source. Average 45% reduction in fraud losses and reduction in chargebacks due to fraud. Featurespace ARIC Merchant Monitoring performance data, 12mth period and >;100m transactions.