Mar 13, 2023

Accept card payments over the phone

Is your business equipped to take over the phone payments? If it isn’t, you could be missing out on all-important customer sales. A successful business requires fuss-free payments both online and in person but what if your customers want to make a card payment over the phone? Dojo makes accepting card payments over the phone a breeze for both you and your customers. Read our handy step-by-step guide on how to take card payments over the phone, the tools you need and the key information you require.

How to Take a Card Payment Over the Phone

In order for your small business to accept card payments over the phone or by card machine you’ll need to open a merchant account. Fortunately, if you sign up for any card machine with Dojo we set this up for you. You’ll also need a virtual terminal but we’ll cover that in more detail below.

If you’re already set up with a card machine, you can receive customer payments over the phone in four simple steps:

  • Liaise with your customer

    Your customer is on the phone with their debit card in hand ready to make a payment. What next?

  • Log in to your virtual terminal

    You can do this via a computer or your phone.

  • Input customer details

    Take the essential information required to make the payment from your customer. This includes the customer's email address and billing address.

  • Complete the sale

    Double-check the customer details before you hit complete.

That’s it! Customer payments in just a few clicks.

What equipment is needed to take Card Payments over the phone?

Your business is just steps away from being able to process phone payments. To be able to take card payments over the phone, you will need a telephone, a WIFI connection and a virtual terminal.

What is a Virtual Terminal?

A virtual terminal is a key component when it comes to facilitating card payments over the phone. This secure webpage is accessible from a computer or a phone and allows you to take secure customer payments without the need for them to be present on your business premises.

To maximise profits, it is essential that you remove any roadblocks between you and customer payments and make the process quick and easy. Manage card payments over the phone like a pro with Dojo and open a merchant account today.

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