Desola Franklin, our People Partner for Product, Technology and Transformation introduces Dojo's CORE group and its responsibility for business change in 2020.

It would be remiss to sweep over the recent events that have shaken up the globe, and yet as a business, the fear of jumping on the bandwagon or saying the wrong thing can cripple a genuine want for change. 

But with the launch of Dojo, we recognised that now is the time to set in motion a new vision for the future of our business, when it comes to racial equality. 

Lockdown has given us all pause for thought when it comes to what we value. And many of us now feel more empowered to speak freely about the fundamental things that matter. 

Which is why interest in CORE grew at pace. It stands for Commitment & Obligation to Racial Equality and is a collective of passionate people dedicated to making Dojo a better, fairer, and more accountable organisation. 

Team members across the various Dojo office locations joined forces to create a safe space for inquiry and collaboration. CORE aims to explore questions about how we represent and support minority ethnic groups, both inside our business and in the wider community.

Meeting every two weeks, this group of over 40 members developed a Commitment and a Manifesto. Next would come the introduction to the business, followed by an invitation to employees.

It's very much a humble beginning for CORE but, backed by a talented group of committed individuals; we're confident we'll succeed.

"Through listening, learning and development, the CORE group has an obligation and duty to hold Dojo accountable for the equal treatment and experience of ethnic minority groups."